Dormtainment’s Duante Dier aka Taye Accused of BEATING His Pregnant Girlfriend!!

The comedy group Dormtainment has more than a MILLION SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube. But now the group’s leader, Duante Dier (or “Taye”), is coming under fire because, Taye’s ex-girlfriend is claiming that he beat her while she was pregnant.And the young woman has RECEIPTS.

On the video below, you can clearly hear the woman being hit and crying for help. It’s quite disturbing.

Warning, this audio expresses extreme violence:

Here are the receipts she provided. First a domestic abuse report and an Emergency Protective order which proves she called the police on him:

Next some text messages between the couple:


  1. Charges aren’t filed because she’s a liar ruining someone’s career in hopes of gaining one herself and you guys are helping her. ?????

  2. This was all filed based off of he said she said. If he really beat her, the courts would have ruled in her favor. You guys are taking the surface of the issue and posting it. But you guys didn’t post the parts where she pulled up at his place, smashed his window, threatened all the guys of Dormtainment. She said herself that she was going to his him where it hurts which is his pockets, his job etc. Does that sound like someone who was “abused” as she claims? No. They both got physical, you guys just make Tay look worse because he’s a man. And it was CONFIRMED that she wasn’t pregnant at the time of the altercation. You should have read receipts from both sides. Too bad, most of them were taken down by both of them.

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