Jackie Christie’s Daughter Takari Lee Says Mom Snitched to the Feds!

Jackie daughter’s Takari Lee is writing a book and plans to tell some “real life” tales… Reportedly, in one chapter, she $pills about Jackie talking to the feds, which ultimately landed her father in prison.

According to Takari, he father shared this with her when she was a child.


  1. Well, I hope she makes a lot of money from this book. Jackass didn’t take care of her like a loving mother is supposed to. Calling her derogatory names, dumping her responsibilities on the Grandmother, making Takari her feel bad, unloved and unimportant…so I guess this is a way to even those things out. Why wait until Jacksass is physically dead when she has clearly been and still is a dead beat Mom. Dead is dead period.

  2. Jackie is to dam old for the show. She lies and gets away with it. Her daughters think she is crazy and she is. Evelyn helped your daughter so what, you did not. You think you bad but somebody gone git that ass. You talk to Shania wrong. Your kids don’t want to be bothered with you cause they know you crazy. Doug probably somewhere doing his than. Jackie you are not fine, nor classy, nor a good mom and you are a big liar. Go sit down somewhere, you too young to walking with those girls. BYE BOO.

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