Kim Zolciak Pimps Out Her Daughter to Meet John Legend!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann really wanted her son Kash to meet John Legend, so she offered up her 20-year-old daughter’s services in exchange for a meet and greet!

It all went down on Twitter when the Real Housewives of Atlanta star tweeted John’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, and asked her who Brielle had to “blow” to meet the singer.

Peep the tweets:

kim zolciak brielle daughter john legend tickets

Her husband must still be out of a job if she has to stoop to this level. Smh.


  1. ps: chrissy should’ve told her not to say that because its a poor example for young girls to prostitute themselves for things!

    • Chrissy would never say that because pimping out themselves, their daughters & sons is the norm in Hollyweird.

      • Mandatory! That is why I don’t judge any child of a celeb. that messes up spectacularly lol. We just do not know what hell on earth they might have had to endure in their childhoods. It makes me shiver when I think of how evil that industry is. Only the foolish seek out a career in Hollywood.

  2. Why is Kim so comfortable with offering her daughter up for favors? She’s telling on herself…

  3. I bet if she said her husband would give John a blow, those tickets would have been there in a snap.

  4. Husband just stands by silently all the time. What’s up with that. Read where his family is estranged from all of them just like hers is.

  5. Kim Biermann has really earned that cum-oh laude from PMK’s school of “How to make your daughter the family’s lawn tool”. Pun intended

  6. This article is for ALL you fuckers who talk about black women and mothers…this bitch and others like her have the LOCK on RATCHETNESS!

    • AMAN!!!!!! Preach! All of a sudden these neanderthal loving simps are all of a sudden blind, can’t read or just passed this page.

  7. So sad. Kroy can’t really say anything bc that’s not his daughter. Kroy and Kim are estranged from their families and since he has been cut from his team, they are bringing in less $ which is why Kim is returning to RHOA.

  8. Y’all I loather Kim with the heat of a thousand suns, but she was trying to be funny.
    It flopped, and honestly I like that Teigen handled it like she did. She knows that her husband has no interest in Kim or her daughter. And I don’t mean because he is gay. They are waaaaay below his class in more ways than one.

    This just makes Kim look even trashier than she already did if that’s even possible.

    • Fuck that raggedy bitch…if using your kid in a blow joke is supposed to be funny, that shit was an EPIC FAIL!

      No sane parent would do that in a billion years!

    • And stop giving that dirty bitch excuses…if she were black people would be dogging the shit out of her, for saying such ratchet shit.

      She has six fucking kids she cannot afford… it will be no surprise when she does start pimpin’ them out.

      • I’m sayin! That shit was hella disturbing and people are on here trying to make excuses for her??? Child abuse, neglect or child endangerment… If she thinks it’s a joke, no telling what she’s doing for real.

  9. I wonder if this is the first time she has offered up her daughter? I bet her daughter has been ‘in the life’ for a number of years now.

  10. This is what most white cave beasties do. Why do people expect more from these nasty white b*tches.

    • Really? That’s what most ww do?

      Where do you see all these mothers pimping their daughters(other than on KUWTK)?

      • Watch Dr. Phil promos…he has white bitches on practically every day who pimp out, ignore, deny whatever sexual shit they allow to happen to their children.

    • @ 04:41 #PREACH!!! So true – You aint neva lied. Nasty ass hoes. I could tell some stories.

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