It was Matt Barnes SUV Derek Fisher Wrecked in DUI Crash w/ Gloria Govan


    The SUV that Derek Fisher wrecked over the weekend in his DUI crash is actually registered to his girlfriend, Gloria Govan’s ex and baby daddy, Matt Barnes…

    Fisher and Govan were driving the white 2015 Cadillac Escalade home, early Sunday morning, when he hit a guard rail on the 101 Freeway in L.A. and flipped it while driving home. The car was completely totaled. Fisher was arrested for DUI.

    Of course, Govan was previously married to Matt Barnes. They have two children together. In fact, the Golden State Warriors star had given the Escalade to Gloria specifically “for the kids.”

    So far, no comment from Barnes … 


    1. Ooohhh!!! This the type of mess that really test one’s red zone!!! Matt I tried to tell you some years ago about this stupid girl and you cussed me on twitter???? How you let a mother dude drive another dude car…. man oh man


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