Is this Odell Beckham’s Real Girlfriend!

odell beckham girlfriend poly

Meet Odell’s girlfriend that he’s reportedly been quietly involved with for some time now.

Odell Beckham New Girl

Last night, the NFL star was reportedly at Six Flags attempting to hide his identity. The woman’s name is Polyxeni Ferfeli, not sure what she does but he seems to be really into her. Apparently she doesn’t mind that  Odell and Amber Rose were spotted hugged up at Coachella just last week.

If he likes her… then we happy for them both!


  1. He’s doesnt come off as Gay to me just a little corney. probably came from a happy non ghetto home and dont know how to balance being a ni–ga, professional, famous and a football player. he goes to both extremes on all sides, which means hes acting and not being his true self

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