HSK Was Telling You About R. Kelly’s Sex Cult in 2015

HSK Exclusive – R Kelly’s brother Bruce, last week Thursday, paid an Atlanta stripper who goes by the name Zae Miaa, $3500 to smash the Bump & Grind lyricist. Know why? Because last Thursday was R Kelly’s birthday and his brother Bruce, gave the R&B singer a stripper as his present.

Don’t believe me.. Ask Keri Hilson. Read the full story about Zae Miaa from January 2015 HERE!


  1. pervert fag ass R.Kelly glad ypur momma dead so she dont have to be humiliated by you. You should ashamed to be in the land of the living YouFag .I hate you with a passion.

  2. I want to know what his motivation is for all this phuckery. I can’t believe he stays this horny or able to perform with all these chicks without the help of a blue pill! Pimps don’t even get down like this – they want to get paid! So WHY the harems?? A front for something?

    • He is not the only man who lives like this.

      The fact of the matter is shit like this goes on under the radar all the time, mainly with men of means, but there are all types of groups who harbor sex slaves.

      They are not only for his use, but for anyone he gives them to.

  3. Kelly is a freak always was but when he started getting money he had the means and funds to make his sexual fantasies cone true same reason Michael Jackson built Neverland to fulfill his pedophile fantasies

  4. All of this talk about R Kelly makes Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder look like a genius. The R Kelly episode does a fantastic job of depicting his life, his sexual debauchery and the black communities reaction to his many scandals. Unfortunately too many black people continue to listen to R Kelly’s music. Go back and watch that cartoon, it is hilarious.

    • The overwhelming majority of black people are corrupted, and are just generally morally bankrupt at the end of the day. The black community is dead.

  5. This whole story is very strange like what normal parent lets their teenage daughter go to an R. Kelly concert?! Hell im 26 and when I was a kid even I knew R Kelly had a sex tape and pissed on a young girl and married Aaliyah when she was like 15. We can’t rule out the fact that these parents may have pimped out their daughters and aren’t receiving as much money as they want. At the end of the day R. Kelly needs to be in prison playing don’t drop the soap but as sad as it to say if these girls weren’t black I guarantee he would be!

  6. Thats one thing i respect about Hollywood Street King, when yall get a scoop, 9 out of 10 times its usually true from credible sources.. Not like some FAKE asss Gossip sites that be lying their asss off, aka MTO for a story…

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