R. Kelly Busted for Dating High School Girl?

r kelly dating high school girl

An Instagram user’s posts from 2016 have been uncovered. Judging by the captions, it appears that the user’s teenage friend was in a full blown relationship with R. Kelly last year right before she graduated high school.

In the images, the friend pleads for Kelly to bring her friend back. She also begs him to date her aunt – a woman who’s much closer in age to the R&B singer.

r kelly dating high school gir

r kelly high school girl

r kelly high school girl dating

The claims were made long before it was revealed Kelly was allegedly holding young girls hostage in his Chi-town and Atlanta homes.

What do you think? Is this all a joke?


  1. The parents are often involved and he manipulates young girls. Still touring and living that lifestyle cause he is not as rich as people think.

  2. Why the fuck is R Kelly still alive? Where are the real black men at? How come some black men can shoot and kill each other over different color t shirts, but won’t do shit when a pimp/pedophile abuses under age black girls? Why are more and more black men acting like bitch made effeminate punks like this dummy Timothy Savage? A real black men would have shot up R Kelly’s house! #CastrateRKelly

    • Obviously none are here, because this is the umpteenth time you have said this and he is, according to you, still breathing.

      Again if you speak about it, be about it! Otherwise you are that effeminate bitch you keep hollering about.

      • If Jocelyn Savage were my daughter, I would be about it. She is not my daughter, she is Timothy Savage’s daughter and he acts like a lady boy hoe. Like the rapper Willie D said, “Let a hoe be a hoe.”

        • No you would not! And you are a ho too…

          No REAL MAN stays on a gossip blog talking shit all day!

  3. Shut up girl. Why would ur Aunt want a pedophile. SHUT UP STUPID Suggest he date in his age category , but why u saying ur
    Auntneed to be with a pedophile is she one also ? Get out of here stupid girl.

  4. Send this to 1 Million Black People Right Now !!! ~ Center For Disease Control !!! (All 3 Are Guilty)

  5. R.Kelly, I feel the the child u where when u got fucked off. You are now a grown perverted man . Off with your head.

  6. Look girl R. Kelyy dont want ur aunt. Why would she even be with a pedophile knowinglyl. She sick too. SHUT UP GIRL

  7. Look girl R. Kelyy dont want your aunt. Why would she even be with a pedophile knowingly. She sick too if thats the case SHUT UP GIRL. Don’t put your aunt out there like that unless she foul too.

  8. She was right.Her aunt is very pretty an would’ve probably been a great woman for him. Like a real intellectual conversation with an adult an not a teenager.

  9. Kelly got money when he go broke them hell go down since he fucking black girls white folks don’t care

  10. The sad part is this sick bastard brain washed majority of the black community. He should have been put in prison over 15 years ago but instead he makes a couple of songs and even a gospel album and everyone forgets what he did to that underage girl.

    • No he did not.

      The problem is the black community is so damaged they don’t call out the charlatans and expel them when they should.

      All the great black leaders we have ever had have been assassinated and for the time being people have allowed the garbage to remain instead of calling them all the way out, because they are so wore out, broken and fractured from trying to keep their own head above water, worrying about the inside predators has been put on the back burner.

      We have lost so much, I think some people would rather hold onto trash than admit it is what it is and throw it out!

      • The black community is official done for. When a nation/society cannot protect, and defend it’s women and children, that society deserves to fall.

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