Pimp C’s Wife Has Some Words for Young Thug

pimp c wife young thug

Pimp C’s wife heard the song Young Thug collaborated on with Chance the Rapper, and she isn’t happy!

Listen as she goes IN on Thugger for disrespecting her late husband.


  1. Like she said he not here to have that conversation so watch your mouth. Would ont be saying it if he was here. They probably the dick sucking fags he talking about.

  2. I’m confused. I need that white guy to break down the lyrics for me, I don’t comprehend. Lol Wgats the issue?

  3. She didn’t have a problem with Pimp C lyrics so why should she with Young Thug. Pimp C disrespected many people and now its happening to him. Deal with it like all the people he talked crapped about

  4. Pimp C is dead. He does not care nor should she. He’s dead. He talk shyaaat about everyone else and now he can’t because he’s dead. She needs to get over it and stop glorifying that troubled man. No one is thinking about him and she should be glad his name is even mentioned since he’s a forgotten dad rapper.

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