Hi-Five Singer Russell Neal Lawyers Up After Reporting Wife Dead Inside Their H-Town Home



Hi-Five singer Russell Neal is in police custody after reports reveal… “he told cops his wife was dead in their Houston apartment.” Sources say… “After that, he asked for a lawyer.”

“Neal is an original member but currently isn’t a member of the group, which still performs.”

Sources it was yesterday [July 3, 2014] when Neal alerted cops to the tragedy. As of this publication, details are sketchy — but we can tell you that no charges have been filed at this time.

Here what’s out there:

“He revealed that he and his wife had gotten into an argument and then requested to see an attorney and wouldn’t say much else to investigators.

Hi-Five’s attorney Chris Brown released comment on the incident, but didn’t offer any details.
“We are aware of the situation and are presently evaluating it,” Brown stated.”


  1. Wow asking for a lawyer when he didn’t do anything speaks volumes .Guess more details will come out soon before anyone judges.

    • I wouldn’t talk to cops about the weather without a lawyer present. He is SMART.

      The first rule is NEVER tell the cops anything ever, no matter what they say. EVER. No good ever came from “coming clean” or trying to explain your actions. Unless you are 100% innocent. My brother is an atty and that is the one thing he pounds into everyone he knows heads.
      Perhaps this guy may have done it, but it may have been a “it takes two to tango” scenario. Not like the actor dude in LA who straight up murdered his wife last month.
      RIP to the Mrs.

      • Don’t talk to them w/out your lawyer even if you are 100% innocent. It’s easy for police to get tunnel vision very early into an investigation and they are known to twist your words in a way that can benefit them.

  2. He should have gotten some help before he snapped hi-five went through a lot when they were young. This sounds like the Bianca Tanner story.

  3. If u didn’t do anything why lawyer up? Just don’t say anything I agree with anon speaks volumes

    • Cornfedbaby when the cops are questioning you and you don’t wish to answer their questions, the only way to get them to stop is to assert your right to legal counsel. Otherwise they can hold you at the station haranguing your ass for 12 hours and longer.

  4. From Tony Thompson dying from air conditioner freon poisoning to Russ killing his wife, Hi-Five surely has a black cloud following them every where they go!

    • Lol I see those blunts are making those words manifest again .Starting to make sense

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