Being Blue Ivy: Exposed To Acetone & Acrylic/Gel Nails?


She’s only two-years-old — but thanks to Bonnie and Clyde, Blue Ivy hasn’t only been schooled on the ‘How To’s’ of twerkin’… the toddler appears to have been recently hauled to a nail salon to get her gel on!!!

That seems to be the deal from a recent set of images just posted to Bey’s website.

Check it:




Is acetone categorized as “list II chemicals” under the Controlled Substances Act? Of course! Just ask the FDA.


  1. They are just using the foil…shes not getting the nails….she’s playing..Geesh

    • What the manicurist did was put water in the foils for Blue to pretend she has acetone in the foils. The acidity structure in acetone is too strong for a child’s hands. Plus, if a child puts their fingers in their mouth with the acidity structure is still processing it can poison them.

  2. Ya’ll really sucking these people dicks right now,what’s wrong with the baby having her nails done?How is that hurting her, some of ya’ll bashing these people probably were crack babies or have crack babies in ya’ll family and always got something to say.Leave them people alone,damn!!!!

  3. I see Blue is in her animal print pants like Beyonce is in her animal print bathing suit. Wow they are really grooming Blue to be just like her Mommy. (For those who understand what I mean).

    • I get what you mean….. though im really not seeing any of her facial features. I believe that is Jay-Z baby, I hope Beyonce isn’t torturing her to make a point…. and fake nails or not please be smart ladies! There are chemical free,polish and make up and hair dyes. Save that crap till they graduate from something, it make it a cool experience and/or mother daughter days.

    • Animal print means beta sex slave. They start them off as babies in Holly weird. That is what the anon meant.

        • Yes I noticed they put Blue’s hair in devil’s horns. Our people just wanna see the glitz and glam that Beyonce portrays but they refused to see how demonic she is. She is not in control of her life and her thoughts she is programmed and is a slave to the industry. She has no power what so ever. Her job is to destroy our people and fill our minds with filth and once she is done her job she is going to be replaced with someone else.

    • Glok LOVES IT! Jay Z is proof that we was human beings are mixed with animals, some are:camel, monkey,gorilla,pig,rabbit,horse,lizard,bird. Nose, lips and toes are dead giveaways.

  4. Once again Beyawnce has proven to be the world’s dumbest chics. Whats next waxing Blu’s eyebrows? I think Kim West beat her to the punch.

  5. Did they use fake hair to make those afro puffs? I don’t remember Blue having that much hair 2 weeks ago.

      • lol. I don’t know DaR1, less than a month ago that baby’s hair was short and tight. Now it’s long enough for fluffy puffs and wavy. I wouldn’t put it past Bey to put some chemicals or little fake puffs in Blues hair.

        Yes Blue is going to be a tall girl, just look at her hands. Maybe she’ll play basketball when she grows up.

          • Okay I just saw another photo on fakeout that proves you right. However, it’s obvious her mother has used some kind of heat on Blues hair which also isn’t healthy for a 2 year old. It’s either one extreme or another with that woman.
            I’m not shading Blue at all but a mom using her baby as a prop is sickening to me.

        • I think Blue is biologically Beyonces. I don’t understand how she could be Cathy Whites unless she is much older than they claim….she is crazy tall for a supposed two year old

          • I wouldn’t put it past the Carters because Blue looks every bit of 5 to me. Then again it may be genetic because her mom and dad are old looking too.

  6. Laying In The Water Doing The Hand Sign??? Do’t You Think That’s Weird…Jayz Has Messed Up Head

    Their Marriage Is More Like… Ike And Tina 2.0

    Jayz Is Smart He Knows His Stuff Sexing His Female Singers From His Record Company And Beyonce Copies Their Style Then Ruins Their Career

  7. As For Blue Ivy She’s Cute Sad That She Has Messed Up Parents Who Coon For White Attention….2 Year Olds Are Too Young To Have Their Nails
    Done These 21st Centry Parents Are Stupid….Next Beyonce Will Be Making Blue Ivy Wear Make Up And High Heels Just Like Suri Criuse

  8. Beyélzebub’s throwin up the sign with her raptor claws smh….some are just too blind to see.

  9. @Glock9 go suck dick.You must be a crack baby still believe that illuminati shit. Kill yourself now please.Lame ass nigga.

    • Not loony enough to keep you away tho. Err time there is a Beyzelbub thread , here you come. Funny how we are the crazy ones tho!

      • I’m not Jilly nor have I posted here yet, but I do think yall are crazy. I just think some of yall watch too much YouTube and read too much into Vigilant Citizen. I’m not a brain surgeon, but I have read it and I could poke holes into many of their claims. All I’m saying s, they are trying to make a buck too. And keeping thousands of people hanging on their every word is part of their deal. Just exercise some judgment and skepticism. I’m close to two people who are discussed routinely here and I can tell you that most the “ritual” stuff is bs. They are just standard everyday perverts, and their perversion is not part of a grand conspiracy in the recording industry. They do the nasty shit they do because they LIKE it. Not because Jimmy Iovine or Clive Davis forced them to do it. Don’t any of you guys know people who are just straight up nasty?

    • Exactly Jilly. Like wear animal prints all the time and I have a tiny butterfly tattoo and worst of all I have black and white checkered tiles in my bathroom: all supposed signs of programming. I can assure anyone that I don’t know the first thing about MK Ultra and Beta sex kitten programming. I Just LIKE that shit! Maybe, just maybe they do too.

      • you are not part of the inside circle that controls these celebrities or know about their programming thank God for that.

  10. doubt she got gel when my girls go regardless of what i got the only got painted, I’m sure the foil is just so she feels like she has what mommy got….the finished hand doesn’t even look like gels….y’all got too much time on ya hands

  11. Didn’t they issue an alert on gel nails? They’re more poisonous than regular nail polish. To each her own but I would no expose my child to those chemicals. Y’all bloggers got to ease up on the Blue Ivy stories. Seriously. She is not the only little girl in nail polish. I’m waiting for a blog on Blue potty training complete with a pic of her little “throne.” Stop people.

  12. Glok9 you are too much lol I think the haters are really undercover admirers of yours lol.You got smarts mixed with humor.they dont want you here lol

  13. Glok kill the caps man. You are jacking Crazy Chris’s trademark. I used to be able to scroll through and spot his posts quick, not you’re f*cking with my system. lol

  14. On another blog all the white folks were having spazz attacks because lil Nori West got her ears pierced on her 1st birthday. They will shit bricks when they see this.

    On the real tho, 2 carat studs do seem big for a toddler, but if ya got it…..

    • Kim is a vapid idiot but I’ve had my ears pierced since six months old. I had tiny gold studs tho….those big ass rocks are too much, but like I said Kim works more with what’s between her legs than what’s between her ears, smh

    • Well why the hell else would she be wearing devil horns? Huh? Can you answer that? 🙂

      • I didn’t see the devil horns. When did this happen? I saw a pic of her in a stripes blue dress with neatly combed double puffs but never saw the devil horns. What’s up with that??????

        • When she had her hair parted down the middle and had a bun on each side. It is fine for us but for those in the occult it means ‘devil horns’.

        • Anonymous 0752 I was just kidding about the devil horns. There were some here who seriously said that after seeing her hair in two buns on top. Some folks see the devil in almost everything.

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