Gabrielle Union Reps ‘Female Unity’ While Rippin’ Nicki Minaj


“What positive happened in your life after you just tore that woman down?” ~Gabby Union

Gabrielle Union just set off a subliminal shot at Nicki Minaj in response to Black Barbie’s shots fired at Aussie Azalea, during the BET Awards show. Ya’ll already know that’s when Nicki boss’ed up… only to later eat her own diss words. Now… here comes Gabby claiming female unity, over Nicki’s Iggy diss, “when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki wrote it.”

But could Gabby’s statement be nothing more than a publicity move, with the pot calling the kettle black? I’m sure Siohvaughn Funches-Wade would say ‘Yes’. But that doesn’t seem to matter to Gabby aka ‘Wade-homewrecker’. Know why? Ms. Mary Jane is portraying herself as a female who’s shown nothing but respect for other woman as she made her way up the Hollywood ladder…

Check what Gabby just put all out there:

“When ppl ask me how i learned to be a professional or how to navigate Hollywood and all it’s ups and downs… I always say I was lucky enough to have had guardian angel actresses like #ReginaKing @hollyrpeete @tishacampbellmartin and @tichinaarnold to show me the way, to hold my hand, to be a partner in crime, and a giver of hope and discipline… they give love… Nowadays some women seem to relish how much shade they can throw or who they can shun or getting off on watching ppl fail or flail… I’m forever grateful for these powerful dope women in my life showing me the way…

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  1. I know people are gonna drag Gabby for this but I actually agree with her. There’s no need for constant negativity. Competition doesn’t have to be negative or hateful and that’s how some females come off. And people need to learn what “shade” is. Shade is explained in the film “Paris Is Burning” and it came from the Gay community. It’s supposed to be somewhat tongue in cheek, not really hateful. You wanna see proper shade got to C&D or Dlisted.

    • I agree Ay. However gabby is always throwing shade at wife #1, the boys mother.

      • I agree Gabby was throwing jealous shade at Sio. I don’t think she hates Siovaughn, she resents her for putting her on blast for sleeping with her then husband. Gabby seems to growing up though, hopefully…

    • Stinky Minaj is loosing her buzz already, so she had to pull a move like that to stay relevant. She’ll never have a career as long & successful as Lil Kim no matter who she picks on or who she teams up with…face it Stinky, your done!!! Stick a fork in that Hoe!!!

  2. Wonder what these women told gabby about hoarding another woman’s children.

  3. Gabby needs to stfu up her homewrecking ass why her man out gettin break baby with her thirsty ass girl bye

  4. but wasn’t she just on Oprahs couch talking about how she was hater number one against black female actors???? wasn’t she JUST throwing Kerry under the bus for landing the role in Scandal and not her?!! oh but now we’re brand new?

    • yes, on the show with Viola Davis, Alfre Woodard & Phylicia Rashad and Phylicia was giving her the side eye. I wonder has helped any new & upcoming actresses, the way she was helped.

  5. i swore she was on oprah network and she said a story about how her friend had to pull her to the side and ask her the same question after she hated on a female at a party/event. Yes Gabby its good you know better but dont act like you was always like that. But i guess it doesnt matter as long as she can get man out the deal. We all know how u got blister dick dwade.

  6. Gabby better have several seats because she aint no angel. If I recall Gabby would go on instagram talking ish about D Wade’s baby mother Siohvaughn Funches. Gabby aint nothing but a homewrecker!

  7. Iggy Azalea is laughing at blackwomen with a side eye, Nicki laying down like a dog and Gabby acting as a “Human Shield.” Some Sistas are beyond stupid, defending these white chicks who seek to push them out the way.

    • Yes Tyrone. That is what all the men are talking about this week while they play hoops at the park.

    • they can be in denial all they want, but Im with you on this one! black folks always runnin to defend everyone but their own

      • @Tyrone

        Iggy Azalea Can Never Be A Black Women!! She’s A Black Wannabe!!!! She’s A Pasty White Snow Bytch From A Racist Country Who Attacked
        On The Aboriginals

    • womder how long til iggy gets tired of black men and gets her a whiteboy who was there for her all along but he had to wait til she sows her wild oats with black men first.

  8. We all know both Gabby and Nicki are hating ass beotches who bleach their skin. I dont care for these two whores. Where was Gabby when Nicki was dissing Azealia Banks calling her ugly? All of a sudden you want to defend a white girl please Gabby go f your nasty infested crouch!

  9. No f*ck Nikki for being such an insecure b*rch she has accomplished so much in her courier i respect her for that, But she will not be the only hip hop female artist we will lesson to. Iggy and Angel Haze they’re coming am telling you they are giving everything they have to show their dedication into their work, By using the size of their talent un going around growing shady to every female rapper they came across to, Mina-ass need to take a back seat and stop being an insecure b*rch!!.

  10. What’s with these old black women talking shit? Industry hoe Gabby Union talking shit about Nicki Garbaj. Garcelle Beauvais talked shit on baphomet Beyonce, and Rae Dawn Chong talked shit about Oprah! Do these old has been hoes need attention? Do they need a paycheck? They’re trying to start trouble so they can get their name in the internet tabloids. If these old bitches need attention and money, they should take their old asses to Dubai and work the Islamic hoe stroll. Old ass black BITCHES!

  11. Women Like Gabby Make Me Sick… Bawling About “Girl Power And “Women Sticking Together” Yeah Women Like Her And Alicia Keys
    Are Nothing But Home Wrecking Hypocrites

  12. I agree action. I have no respect for gabs,Alicia, and let’s not forget ms spears w/o really thought she had herself something with federfool. Throwing boom I got ur man all in star’s face when let left her ass bald and crazy pay backs a bitch both gabby and Alicia have theirs coming

    • But to be fair, Britney is mentally ill lol we should just pity her tbh I lost respect for Alicia too not because of the homewrecking but because she let the industry manipulate who she was she knows damn well she’s a lesbian don’t be fooled by her breaking up marriages…

      • Yep.

        4 the REAL Alicia, Check out her first CD Cover.

        Tells U everything U need 2 know bout her.

    • These Celebrity Women Bawl About “Sister Hood” “Women Sticking Together” “Girl Power” What A Load Of Bull…These Celebriy Women Are Luring
      Their Money And Fame In Front Of These Men’s Face!!…..And These Stupid Men Are Leaving Their Wife And Kids For It!!!!!

      The Home Wreckers Club!!!

      Britney Spears
      Alica Keys
      Gabby Uion
      Leann Rhyme
      Tori Spelling
      Anglina Jolie
      Khole Kardashian

      • Khloe didn’t steal nobodys husband. he never married that Liz chick. He should have but he didn’t. Now Khloe is getting played like a fiddle by French Montana. PMK must be losing her touch.

        • Khole Knew The Deal. Lamar Left Liz For The Money Khole Is Ugly…Lamars Probably Didn’t Love Her He Loved The Money And Fame

          Bet He Regret It Now!!!



          • @Crazy Chris

            Technically They Were Married They Had A Child Together….Home Wrecker Do’t Just Ruining Marriage Their Ruin Relationships

            Britney Knew Kevin Had A Girlfriend But She Didn’t Care…

      • Karma has already hit most of these homes…

        Leann- Scared to leave Eddie’s side in case crazy Brandy or any other chick tries to come and take him. Its reported that he steps out on her repeatedly and given her meth face…probably does.

        Fanny- You already know the story…dude got what he wanted and left. Given her looks…we kinda knew where that was leading.

        Tori- She and Dean are in couple’s therapy NOW based on the revelation of him cheating. Either this was planned for the show…or he was just being the cheating man she married.

  13. Gab union is a grimey lil trick like 99%
    Of black celebs. Even radio disc jockeys
    Are shitting on each other. As blacks rare each other down they make room for other
    Races to replace us. Gab has a bad reputation and so does d wade. Nikki has
    A right to say what she feels as a Hiphop
    Artist. Gabriel is a one dimensional actress
    She always play a cold distant bitch.
    She’s not acting. She was raped by a serial
    Rapist at her job at a shoe store
    She got a big lawsuit. She is still projecting
    Her pain and insecurity. Pls disregard her
    Attention whoring.

  14. This Messed Up Bytch Goes On Vacation With Her Step Kids….And The Mother Is Out On Street!!! Gabby You Know Your Getting Get Karma Right??

    Do’t Think You Won’t Be Punished Because You Are!!.. …..Shyt Britney Got Her’s Back In “07 So Did Fantisa Back In “11

  15. Don’t worry, she has already gotten a small taste of what’s to come. Seeing his new baby has to be painful. That ring is not big enough to cover up her eyes.

  16. I do not like what she stands for. She
    was previously married to an NFL star who retired due to injuries, then like a speeding bullet she was out the door and on to the next. The harlot show she plays in sucks. And she has no simpathy for the children’s mother.

  17. Gabby is always opening her holes!!! Especially to men that have a large bank role. She showed the geatest amount of contempt, dispect and certainly shade when she slept with Wade and other married men. She also admitted to being a mean girl in Hollywood and carefully review her mentor list. A couple of them are shade and fire throwers and kept her close in order to keep her off their men. It’s hard to take this spineless childish female serious. Doesn’t she have another Wade child to babysit from that alleged break?

  18. Gabriele is being used as the black woman to cause dissent. She is really a whore and Dwayde is a p*ssy.

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