Fetty Wap’s Ex Alexis Skyy Joins Love & Hip Hop Hollywood


    alexis skyy love and hip hop hollywood

    Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend, Alexis Skyy, is joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. She’ll reportedly face off against Fetty’s baby mama Masika Kalysha.

    Things are about to get messier…

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    1. They look so stupid it made my head literally hurt. Nikki looking all plastic, moving her head and trying to imitate a doll’s mannerisms, showing stupid watches their uterus has been obliterated for, just ridiculous. Ugh.

    2. beauty full !!!!!!!!!!! finally a real lady that we won’t ever get sick and tired of seeing on the television screen LOL

    3. She’s an attractive young lady.. I don’t know what they see in Fetty. But $$$$$$ and publicity..
      It doesn’t say anything about her having a child for him, good for her..


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