Audio: Kirk Frost Caught on Phone with Secret Baby Momma Admitting Guilt

Exclusive audio of Kirk Frost holding a two-minute conversation about cash pay offs with his secret baby mother, Jasmine.

“Jasmine asks Kirk for $3,000 more thousand dollars and Kirk explains to her that he’s working on getting the funds while admitting to already giving her money for the baby. Rasheeda’s niece reached out to me and gave me this tea personally because she said the show will try to hide the truth and Rasheeda didn’t want her to appear on the show to spill the real tea.

“When Rod got back he hit me to start back working and had to catch me up on everything. He began to tell me everything about Jasmine messing with Kirk and the baby showed me receipts ( text messages , video etc)! He didn’t know Rasheeda was my aunt so I instantly got mad and told him I was gonna call her and tell her everything! Which I did , and we talked multiple times. It was all good til the show reached out to me and I told her about it She got upset and begged me not to do the show because they wanna keep this on the low til the show is done filming. Kirk told her not to talk to me because I was recording everything for the show Kirk and Rasheeda hired Logan to say he was the father , true enough Logan and Jasmine had a relationship but that was over in 2014. He’s just a young thirsty nigga looking for attention, in fact he has booking info on his instagram right now lmao. I know that yal like believe Rasheeda doesn’t know anything about this story but she does I told her everything. They just wanna protect their image! Normally I wouldn’t out family but since I’m in the middle Kirk is dead wrong and needs to admit to his responsibilities.” Attachment receipt of Kirk purchasing @jasminebleu a purse and a photo of Jasmine wearing it while pregnant. Also, a 2 minute audio of Kirk speaking to Jasmine on the phone about giving her money.”

via fameolous


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