Masika Kalysha & Fetty Wap Back to Beefin’!

masika kalysha fetty wap beef

Man, we were really rooting for these two, but it seems like not even their exotic blue eyed baby can stop the beef between Masika Kalysha and her baby daddy Fetty Wap.

Apparently, the photo we posted yesterday of their daughter Khari was posted on Fetty’s social media accounts without Masika’s consent. I guess Fetty couldn’t wait to brag about his daughter’s light eyes.

So Masika did what she does best…she took to her Twitter to call Fetty a social media dad. Apparently, he hasn’t seen their daughter in days. But is she really surprised? Fetty was a deadbeat before she let him hit raw!

masika kalysha fetty wap fight

masika kalysha fetty wap fight 2

And then came the ultimate shade when Masika said Fetty wants to be Gilbert Arenas so bad.

masika kalysha fetty wap 3

You know No Chill Gil ain’t gonna let this fly. Expect a clap back soon…


  1. Now they both want to front like they have morals ?, Him: "nah I can't do that" her: "I want what's best for her" what a complete mess, what's best would have been to close your legs or used protection and same goes to Fetty stop peeing in every hole without the correct tools. Fetty needs to man up and stop being proud that he wasn't in his kid's life the first year, geez!!!!

  2. And i can careless who get offended everyone has their own opinion. It's not his! That's coming next➡

  3. This is why family planning is key especially for us black women. Can't be having children with just whomever

  4. See..he wants to be a dad at night, which is your complaint or your victory (allegedly?) ….wasnt that the standard time frame for you ND last eye saw on television? ur miscarriage happened …sooo..hotel, 10pm..bitch you know the drill?? nd still explaining and snitching #beenpettyfetty. anybody can be anything on the internet #catfish?

  5. Masika:are you coming too see your daughter ,
    Fetty: I can't do that ,you already ,
    Masika:I already got what I wanted ,child support for life ,see you in court,sport?
    Fetty:y don't you call mally or (ham) berg and stop at cvs and get a dna test,cause the kid isn't mine……..drops the mic ) and walks away humming Michael jacksons billy Jean

  6. This is a little in coming but….
    Uhh, we're these two ever a couple in a serious relationship???
    It seems to me she was more like a bed buddy/bootie call in the situation. Were they dating for any length of time? I don't sense this cat was into her at all. What I don't get is why he would have unprotected sex under those circumstances. Now that the baby is here seems he a "been there done that already" kind of attitude AKA "I really don't give a f@*k."

  7. That's not his kid.

    She's probably a gutterbutt drug addict and prostitute who got knocked up by a no lip, faggot, inbred, burn victim looking albino piece of s***. Only absolute trash lets a white piece of s*** touch them.

    Fetty needs to go to the CDC and get himself cleaned up. He needs to burn his bed sheets too. She's a disgusting gutterbutt.

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