Behind the Empire Scene: Terrence Howard Arrested for Sucker Punchin’ Taraji P. Henson!

Terrence Howard Arrested_ He Sucker Punch'd Taraji P. Henson On The Set!!!

The New ‘Cookie Monster’?

HSK Exclusive – Insider word from the set of FOX’s Empire tells us … Terrence Howard has caught himself ANOTHER assault and battery charge!!! Now we’ve told you about Luscious Lion’s fists of fury before, but this time, Howie may have laid dem paws on the wrong female! Just ask Taraji P. Henson, who we’re told he sucker punched during film production for the new series!!! (You know, the same Taraji Henson who took to BET Awards Show stage tottin’ a baseball bat).

Taraji Tweet

“Howard swung and hit Henson in her mouth. The scuffle was broken up by security and Howard was arrested on scene without further incident.”

The alleged assault reportedly went down on Monday in Chi Town. That’s when cops were called to the Empire set, where they arrested Terrence Howard. From what we’re told it seems that Terry couldn’t take Taraji’s smack talk. Know why… Sources say he snapped after she called him “little girl” and told him to “get some bass” in his voice … turning Cookie Monster on the actress!

“Terrence felt insulted and smacked her in the face.” — Industry Insider

The drop:

“Terrence has a short temper, because he’s on drugs. His assaulting Taraji might of f*cked up his job.”


    • No, it just confirmed he is a punk bitch with psychological problems and is mad because he got his father's two incher…

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        • Lose that anger, go in TMZ, where in black articles, (Chris Brown, for one), people are allowed to call blacks apes.

      • @ 12:42 – Aye You aint said nothin but a thang! Somebody had me watch Get Rich or Die Tryin and the show scene told on his azz!!! Brothas better stop claiming everbody as black – your averages going dwindle. ROFLMAO!

    • Factz All of Them Slave blacks in that industry are Funny , Booty hole an Men suckin D Funny

  1. Dude has major issues. Can't believe I actually thought he was cute back in his 'Dead Presidents' days.

    • When I first saw him on Living Single I thought he was cute too, I just couldn't get past that voice. Taraji didn't lie, though, like she didn't lie when she called him a fat azz. He tried to deflect by saying he was fat where it counted. I can't stand his ole punk baby wipes azz.

  2. I still wonder how the show would have been with Wesley Snipes, the original choice for LL. He is a broke down woman beater too, but I do not believe he ever popped a woman on the set.

    • No doubt. Blade beat the shit out of Halle Berry! Don't forget, Blade is a fifth degree black belt!

  3. Well that's the beginning of the end of that show.. Terrance has no self control at all, it's really sad that he beats women and thinks it's ok.. I won't be watching Empire any longer…

    • I beat you to it. I watched those first few episodes until they like every other series on manstream TV brought in the gay theme. I haven't watched it since. Nothing against gay people, however, I refuse to partake in the not so hidden agenda currently on. Every black man in entertainment is not damn gay & shouldn't be portrayed as such.

      • They are stuffing it down own young children throats.. They even have gay cartoons.. That's all too much for my taste…

        • I know that's right,
          That's exactly what I mean. It's one thing to be gay & open about it. Live & let live is my motto but I feel just like you said…it's being forced down our throats. We can't hardly do anything now without gay content being involved.

          • IKR it's the new norm now.. Public bathrooms are going to be all genders can use.. That's some BS there, just await until someone gets hurt in the restroom and the lawsuits will follow.. Well as the old people said, everyone has rights except Black people.. It's the only race where they don't stick together at all, they still have that Soave mentality… It's really sad,

            • Anonymous @01:15,
              YOU watch me. YOU hate on me. YOU copy me. REPEAT. This is the formula you maintain. So, in the spirit of remaining positive & since all of HSK knows I started leaving quotes from some the greatest minds on earth to your retorts FIRST then you copied me….

              The high-minded man must care more for the truth than for what people think.

        • My husband said the same thing. He has to go to YouTube to find good, untainted cartoons.

        • Jealousy is both reasonable and belongs to reasonable men, while envy is base and belongs to the base, for the one makes himself get good things by jealousy, while the other does not allow his neighbour to have them through envy. Aristotle

            • Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb 4ever,
              Thank you… I always enjoy your posts as well & one thing I've learned about you is that "even when quiet you pay close attention" so not much gets by you!

          • Amen! How you feelimg today sis? Hope all is well and your health is a little better…

  4. Lee Daniels needs to cut this animal loose. Terrance has no self restraint or discipline. He's a known woman beater and should not be in Hollywood. I've watched that show Empire in disgust. All you see is black people disrespecting each other and get rewarded at these garbage award shows. Both Terrance, Taraji, and Lee are sellouts for cash for stereotyping black people on the tv screen.

  5. Terrance needs to be fired. I don't find him attractive because he has to I much hate and anger in him and it shows. Replace him with the sexy Michael Ealy.

    • Yes!! Michael Ealy is damn sexy, however, he wouldn't be a great choice for Lyon luscious character. He's just to calm (he's perfect for romantic stuff).

      • That's the thing with him, he's calm but can turn up quick. Remember in that Oprah movie from a few years back, he went insane and Halle had to get a rabid dog to put him out of his misery.

          • @Anon 10:21… "Their Eyes Were Watching God"….good movie if you didn't already look into it!

  6. I expect that out of someone with no penis. They are just supporting his drug habit.

    • Factz Bruh if you look up The L in romain numerology itz the number Three which is devil you get the number 33 which is The Freemasons highest Degree .They all in That industry worship the devil There very wicked an evil … Russian vids breaks down the The numbers in all The Fact Society we live in …

  7. I have never gotten a good vibe or feeling from Terrence. Every time I'd bend a little towards becoming a fan, he does or says something that reminds me of why I never liked his ass in the first place. I'd like to see him banned from HW in the same way Chris Brown was banned. From what I'm told about him, besides his fan base, no one in HW really likes him. They just tolerate him. Taraji is a down to Earth person (she's good friends with one of my relatives) so,I can see her putting him in his place because I've heard he's extremely conceited, color struck and really doesn't like to be around black people when he's not working on set with them. Maybe this has something to do with him having a white mother and a black father. IDK. But clearly he's been this way a long time and probably learned this behavior from his parents.

    It's funny how when a person is ugly on the inside, it manifests itself on the outside. It also seems to work the other way around.

  8. Maybe Allen Payne would be a good replacement for that part. I think he would make a good fit for that show, especially being that he's successfully done this type of work before, which wouldn't take him too far out of his element. -Just a thought…

  9. The writers are failing and the acting is amateurish. They got the characters doing the same thing over and over again. Boring. I can only take closeups of Terry for so long. If he did slap her, do we need to remind him and his buddy director that this isn't Love and Hip Hop Empire even if it's behind the scenes?

  10. I hate that he did this after she fought for him to get this role over Wesley snipes.

  11. @Anony 17:30 Terrance Howard has a beautiful black mother. Her name is Anita Hawkins Williams. Terrance first wife looks like her. She passed away a few years ago.

    • I know the hawkins family. But the reason that man is f*cked up because he grew up in a gogo. What would be referred to a brothel. I only know because she used to" work" for my grandfather. After i was born, my grandmother closed shop. She want me to see that lifestyle. Bit she made enough money and other businesses that never worked for anyone get whole life. And she set all the girls up that worked for her. Now a story little terry ( really no pun intended) should tell about how he grew up being a trick baby. But Mr. Howard sr. was a really nice guy And handsome and always smelled really good too. He seemed decent when he wasn't on the oils. When it was like seeing the devil himself. Idk if he was a women beater thou. He used to drive the girls for my grandpa…

  12. Ok, off topic. So when will you post on the Jesse William's speech from the BET AWARDS 2016????

    • Good question. I'm very surprised his speech was not mentioned. Maybe Jacky is working on some inside story about the speech

        • ???
          I laugh at those who think they can damage me. They do not know who I am, they do not know what I think, they cannot even touch the things which are really mine and with which I live.

          • "I thought narcissism was about self love till someone told me there is a flip side to it…it is unrequited self love."
            -Emily Levine

            • Anonymous @ 15:54,
              You can't compete with what you don't compare to….
              Not to worry…I'll take your pathetic attempts to replicate everything I do as a compliment; because if I were you I'd really want to be me too!!!

              He who cannot be a GOOD follower cannot be a good leader.


              Justice means minding one's own business and not meddling with other men's concerns.

              To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

              If we had no faults we should not take so much pleasure in noting those of others.
              François de La Rochefoucauld, Maxims

  13. I am not a fan of Terry's, although I did think he did a good job in Hustle and Flow(also with Taraji)
    but I have to set something straight. Taraji is a MAJOR coke head JUST like Terry. They both are A list industry Hoovers.

    Most of y'all know from personal experience that if someone is high and strung out for days on blow, they tend to blow up on folks for little or no reason. One of the reasons that Terry and Taraji have such good chemistry is because they have an on/off thing for years. It's not on at this time, but they share a lot of history. Trust—neither one of them want to blow this gig. They will kiss and make up.

    A far as a replacement, Wesley Snipes was never a viable candidate nor is he now. He is near impossible to light on set, and they won't spend the kind of money and time that it takes for TV. They do for film, but that's a whole other proposition.

    If anyone saw The FX TV movie about OJ, remember the dude who played Chris Darden? He was the best actor in the whole movie, but you could hardly see his face.

    • BS…it is difficult to light darker hues on tv, but it is NOT impossible. If they wanted to get it done, they could. Shit Vila Davis has decent lighting on her show, so it can be done.

      And Oprah's team won emmys for lighting on her show.

  14. This is exactly why I would never get involved with these industry dudes. Too many of them have deep psychological problems, due to drugs and other pas unresolved issues, and at their core; are extremely rotten, black hearted individuals. The money and fame clouds their egos, letting it rush to their heads, and they feel like they don't have to respect anyone. Ive heard of Terrence being on the down-low, and I knowing how the industry works, I more than believe it. No one should be assaulting each other with justifiable provocation.

  15. They'll only fire him if people petition and ratings dip. He's a big name that brings viewers. They would need to find another black male star willing to do a garbage show like that.

    I can't say I'm surprised by this behavior from Baby Wipes. Baby Wipes needs to realize that not every chick will call cops or be scared. He will eventually do that with the wrong one…

    • Sunni,
      I'm rolling with you on this one. You're either 100% right or they suppressed it which I highly doubt.

  16. They'll find someone to replace him. Look at two and a half men they got Ashton Kutcher to replace Charlie Sheen.

  17. Never bite the hand that feeds you. She refused to do empire without terrance howard. Smh. I know that f*cked her up

  18. have mercy! say what? not the two stars of the damn show real-life beefing?! and if Taraji is thinking about doing the show without Terrence in it, just because she has gotten her li'l ole raise awhile back, she can x that is outta her mind because that'll never happen. Terrence aint going no damn where. "Cookie" aint all that in the show now. quite frankly, im a little sick of her ass in it at times.

  19. Interesting he's a woman beater, drug addict, womanizer…but you stalking hard for him on cycle every season dont skip a beat…husband…really…case in point. contradictions in your world #outgrown?

  20. hope it aint true that he has herpes. she probably is trying to get rid of him due to that alleged medical problem. because if you noticed, they never kiss one another…EVER.

  21. mmmmmm…replace his ass with a "not so much in the spotlight" celeb such as uhhh…let's see…! can't think right now, but definitely not Michael Ealy. after all, Terrence already has another somewhat successful show on Fox – Wayward Pines, so he won't be in dire straits by missing Empire's paychecks. in addition, he does harbors too much anger within himself and releases it at a spur of the moment on women, hence his past relationships and now on TPH. it's time for a sure-fire replacement because he acts like people owe him something just because he's the star of the show.

  22. If you're black and you watch Empire but have never seen Hidden Colors, you got problems!


    • Because it's most likely not true or mainstream media outlets suppressed it but like I said to someone earlier….I doubt it.

  24. ^^^ This show means big $$ to a whole crew of folks and they do not need or want the negative press, because it will ruin the cash flow, so the situation very well could be being suppressed.

    • You have a very strong point…
      It's possible but my doubt stems from a planted story about Bryshere Gray & Terrance Howard having a fistfight on the set. It was completely fabricated…supposedly.

          • Well I'll just say this, where there is smoke there is fire and I cannot see a reason why someone would plant stories, that are not in the mainstream. But can see why people would want to hide stories from the mainstream, so I still choose the latter over not believing what is in plain sight and still go with these stories are not in the mainstream for a reason, that has to do with the wallets of everyone involved.

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