Apollo Nida Addresses Bully Rumors

apollo nida bully rumors

Last week, inside sources spilled tea on former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida and his aggressive behavior behind bars.

Apollo, who’s currently serving out an 8 year sentence in the federal pen, was allegedly punking his fellow inmates by cutting in front of them in the microwave line and interrupting a game of pool to start his own game.

Word got back to Apollo that he was being accused of being a prison bully, and he has addressed the rumors on his Instagram.


Wait, why does a prison inmate think people are hating on him? LOL.

Do you believe reports that Apollo is raising hell behind bars?


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  1. Someone is allowing him to be a bully. If his money runs out before his 8 year bid is up, there won't be stories like this.

  2. Well, he don't have to worry about me lying on him or believing any of those rumors. I can't imagine Apollo being the hardest bad assed prisoner on the campus, anyway. Even if they put him in the section for the gays. I know he will still not be the hardest thing on the block. There is always harder, crazier, bigger and badder that will shut this rumor down just to prove a point.

  3. He made a deal, and he is doing soft easy time. He's getting the celebrity treatment I have heard.

  4. Don't believe this story. I believe he's the one getting bullied and bend overs in jail, lol.

  5. Wow, he must be in one of them luxe prisons where they have Internet access.. lol

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