Masika & Fetty Wap Share Picture of Their Baby, Someone Call Maury!

masika kalysha fetty wap baby

Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap have finally shared a full picture of their daughter, Khari. Don’t get us wrong, the baby is cute…but we’re thinking Fetty may need to call Maury!

Masika and Fetty famously battled it out publicly after Masika wound up pregnant after their brief fling. Fetty called her an industry jump off, but he eventually made peace with his baby mama and the two prepared for the birth of their daughter.

Even though the baby looks like her daddy could be a white man, Fetty doesn’t seem too concerned. He seems to be even more surprised that his ugly azz can produce something so beautiful.

fetty wap masika kalysha baby

In case you were wondering, ZaZa is Fetty’s other illegitimate child. He has three children in total.

masika kaylsha fetty wap

What do you think? Is Fetty the pappy?


    • Looooooool, loooool! The older folk in my family all say shiiiiiiiiiid when something is suspect, Had to laugh out loud when I saw your reply.

  1. Nobody needs to call Maury. With all the drama that jumped off when she first announced she was pregnant by him, I'm sure by now a paternity test has been done.

  2. She's a pretty baby! Maybe the mom is biracial?? It's possible! We have bo lot of genetically modifiued people in the states now. It's hard to tell who's who, and what's what…..All you can do is judge by a persons ways and actions.

  3. It's very much possible that this hoe could be biracial, and that this could be his kid… Black dude that couldn't keep it in his pants? What else is new. Niggas need to stop raw dogging these bitches….

    Though if he were really smart, with the money he's making, if this bitch was really that much of a problem, he could have had her whacked.

  4. Of course Fetty is not the father but like any self hating BM he's gonna act so proud to have a blue eyed baby…
    When Kanye will see the picture he's gonna be soooooo jealous ! He'll trade both North and Saint for this blue eyed white baby…

  5. Could be his.. And neither have to be biracial. Sometimes color skips a generation. One of my exes had a son that was very light with curly hair and he and the baby moms very dark brown and it was his baby.

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      • Please tell me that you recognize a troll when you see one Praying.

        It was the 'educated negro" bit that was the give away. He's laughing his ass off. And he IS kinda funny when ya realize it's a joke.

    • "i aint wifed a bw…a high class negro like me"…
      That makes you sound like a big time dumb negro and a racist one

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  7. Have yall seen YG baby? YG baby look Asian. It has the baby's mother complexion but I don't see YG in that baby.

  8. My ex girl brother has a biracial.child and the child could have passed for white

  9. Nah, not his baby…but then again I didn't think Chris brown's bastard looked like him either and I think he got a DNA test that proved otherwise.

  10. I am sure he's taken steps to prove the paternity of the baby. I am just concerned on why he specifically drew attention to the color of their eyes (referring to both kids he has).

    • That baby's eye color might change. Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes, but most of them will change to another color. Sounds like a shallow father to me.

  11. He'll be paying child support for the next 18 and maybe beyond depending of the state. I hope those women find a good man to father these kids, but unlikely.

  12. You dont know what peoples run through either parents families… there is alot of european dna in our blood . The baby doesnt have to look like the parents ,it could look like the great grandparents or grandparents. So stop this nonsense and grow up .

      • Another caucasian DNA denier huh?

        Do your homework and get back to us. We are all full of Caucasian DNA and that's a fact. It doesn't mean that your mama or grammaw swirled, it could be from 300 years ago.

        Here's a question: why is it that you can spot an African in a heartbeat? Because we don't look like west or central Africans any more. Now why is that?

        • You'd be hard pressed to find Southern Caucasians/native Americans without a trace of sub-Saharan African DNA.

          • None of what is being said is anything to brag about since the majority of the interracial sex between blacks and whites, during that time, was not consensual.

            • Unless ancestral DNA is wayyyyyy off base, no not all whites or non Africans are albino Africans.

              • The scientific community disagrees:

                "As summarized by A.R. Templeton, who is among the world’s most recognized and respected geneticists:

                Because of the extensive evidence for genetic interchange through population movements and recurrent gene flow going back at least hundreds of thousands of years ago, there is only one evolutionary lineage of humanity and there are no subspecies or races. . . . Human evolution and population structure has been and is characterized by many locally differentiated populations coexisting at any given time, but with sufficient contact to make all of humanity a single lineage sharing a common, long-term evolutionary fate." —

                "Humans are one of the most genetically homogenous species we know of." —

                "This means that visible differences between human groups – such as skin colour and skull shape – result from differences in a very small proportion of genetic traits." —

                All whites are albino Africans. Other groups are various mixtures resulting from Africans mixing with multi-generational albino Africans. Other variations are results of various forms of albinism.

              • I could care less what any geneticist says , because all that shit is based on theory not fact. People can manipulate data all the time to make it fit their agenda.

        • 1. Black Americans are not "full" of albino DNA. Those with heavy albino DNA are mixed race; not black.

          2. Black people all have dark skin, only hair texture and features vary. The only way a foreign black would be spotted in a group of American blacks would be if he/she was an eastern African or Melanesian. No other blacks have dramatically different features from Americans. Black Americans are mostly western and central Africans.

          3. The only "white DNA" in black people is the fact that:
          -1 in 70 people is a carrier for albinism
          -1 in 17,000 people has a form of albinism (there are many types of albinism)

          4. Blue eyes, brown hair, light skin, light brown skin, and etc. are caused by different types of albinism; not "white DNA."

  13. LOL
    I don't know why she's trying to pass off this white child as his baby. Stop it! LOL

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