Video of Trick Daddy Threatening a Woman & Spitting on Camera!

trick daddy video

Well, this is one way to get his name back in the press…MIA rapper Trick Daddy went all the way off in a recorded video where he threatens to snatch a woman’s “lace wig” right off her head!

The story behind the video is a little murky, but it seems like the woman left a comment on one of Trick’s social media posts, and whatever she said must have set him off!

The rapper is speaking directly to the camera, and tells the woman he will put a pistol in her mouth, and he will drag her and her man for getting involved in his social media activity.

He then says he will spit in her face, but until he can come face-to-face with her, he spits directly on the camera instead!

The woman has been identified, and she’s just as hood as Trick.

This is getting messy, and I’m here for it!


  1. old broke ass, no money having, “so-called” lupus carrying (we ALL know its the “other” virus) nasty MIA wannabe punk with felony records need to be put down like a rabid “viral” dog. Amen and Hallelujah!!!

  2. I will assume both of these gutter ghetto trash are not members of the 1% black boule elite. I see they are products of public school education and unable to speak proper English or have any idea of a financial portfolio

  3. OMG, what the fuk is wrong with this ignorant, no speaking ‘Anglish’ mutha fuka.

  4. Is it true that Trina used to date Tricks brother Hollywood who passed away? Its been said Trina has the virus too. I hope it’s not the case.

  5. Can somebody translate this mess. That woman better run. Oh wait, she’s got kids with him. Lordy.

  6. Oh shit he KILT me when he said "You can suck my d**k from the back so when yo jaws get tired you can kiss my ass"

    Well, I never….Clutches pearls! ROTFDL!!!!

    And I agree, those two are to old for this arguing on social media mess. Trick better take his high blood pressure mela-sine before he stroke out hollering like that. I mean look at his eyes, dude is really upset.

      • She said "in who who mouth? In who mouth Trick?Who mouth you gone put a pistol in? Who who mouth you gone put a pistol in? In who mouth? Tell him to put his live on my live LIKE HE DID THA LAST TIME, in who who mouth HE GONE PUT A PISTOL IN B***H? F**K N***A! Who mouth you gone put a pistol in F**K N***A?!? Now um gone call you out. WHO MOUTH YOU GONE PUT A PISTOL IN???? F**K NIGGA!!!! Who mouth you gone put a pistol in? F**K N***A!?!

        I ain't NEVA! Heard no cussing like that in my LIFE! O_O! What in the Hay-yell was that? ROTFL!

        • Where u been I hear those words everyday f*ckboy, f*cknigga, bitch ass nigga ain't nothing gorvme to hear these words

          • LOL Chris I hear cussing all the time too but is she saying F**K…..N***A or F**K (you talking bout) N***a and the F**K N***A is hyphenated?

            LMAO! I've heard the others you mentioned just not this one in the context that she used in, forgive me being late in the game for cuss words you two Haa haa haa!

            *walks away practicing how to use it in a sentence*

  7. If you lean close enough, you could probly smell his rancid breath through the screen. Dirty looking ass

  8. bloodshot eye ass niggah. have a damn seat fat ass filthy f*cka. this is a damn shame. when men spazz out more than women in this day and age it's a world that's ever changing for the damn disastrous worse. what has happen to 100% masculinity? died i'd say.

  9. Trick is played out girl get mad cause another girl hollered at trick this worse than the hood rat who bragged about f*cking mc eiht and chill but nobody cared cause eiht and chill are played out and she looked bad doing it then you had that other rapper mad Capone I believe talking bout eiht ain't hood and trying to find out if him and chill went to Compton high school I'm like you should have did this back in the 90s and that other dude cyko who said he wooped eihts ass in the 90s who cares he bragging about it

  10. The world has gone absolutely mad. Not too long ago I was told that we've entered the time (Biblically speaking) where satan is unleashing record breaking numbers of more demons onto the Earth, who's jobs are to steal, kill and destroy us. And some are just looking for a body to host to do the damages. #StayPrayedUp

  11. Funny…maybe you should have#prayedup upon contracting your virus on said internet perhaps..and you being the devils concubine or broke sick bitch is a hard xanax to swallow. mjust saying, judge not lest ye be judge. Now talk to God burning bodhi?

  12. ROTFLMAO @ "suck my dick from the back…" comment. That was funny. Trick Daddy always said funny shit like that.

    I'm stuck on his looks…why does he look like that? He looks hella terrible. He looks old, then he keeps showing that beer belly/pouch…it's like "Ok ninja, we know saw you had on Jordan shorts…we get it"…its like pull that shirt down. His eyes say it ALL. They just look mad, evil and empty. Can't imagine how he treats his women…SMH.

  13. Sent you a reply to your reply. :-)Also gave you my cell number… I know talking on cell phones may not be the best way to reach a Lioness but I’ve entered (albeit VERY reluctantly) the era of the “text message” so that may prove helpful, also.

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