Bill Cosby’s Honorary UCONN Degree Gets Revoked

bill cosby uconn degree revoked

Bill Cosby is the first person to have his honorary degree snatched by by the University of Connecticut.

After a unanimous decision made by the school’s trustees, the comedian’s honorary doctorate degree they gave him back in 1996 has been revoked.

The reason behind it stems from Cosby’s admission to engaging in “conduct that is incongruent with the values of the University of Connecticut.”

The school realizes that Cosby has the right to a fair and public trial on the sexual assault criminal charges, but they in no way want to be connected to him any longer.

“The University respects the principles of due process and Mr. Cosby’s right to a fair and public trial on the criminal charges against him. But the conduct which he admitted in his sworn testimony provides compelling reasons for the University of Connecticut to consider the revocation of his honorary degree.”

Can you blame them?


  1. Okay, i get Cosby gets thrown under the bus.
    But why do they not have a problem with Elvis, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Jerry Lee Lewis…..

      • Pleaaaaaaase !
        Elvis : they destroyed him thanks to the drugs
        Jerry Lee Lewis : they destroyed his career
        Wait…Roman Polanski and Woody Allen : aren't these two notorious alleged pedophiles above untouchability ?
        Let me guess … Is it because these fake whites are instead real kazari-semite joowish bloodlines ?…..?

        • No one give a shit about any of them anyway…so you really could have kept ALLLLL THAT to yourself.

          • No. I think thats a good point. Those white folks have been shunned. Have you ever heard of a Woody Allen movie making any money since he went off with Mia's daughter? And Polanski is a pariah in exile.

            • Those men are not pariahs, because if anyone gave a shit their asses would be in jail where they belong.

    • Do any of those white men you mentioned have honorary degrees from UConn? Yes, they are all disgusting, but do they have honorary degrees from UConn.

      Cosby is a nasty piece of work. See the legacy he destroyed for himself.

  2. Fuck that I donate millions of my money to these colleges and when I get in trouble even though I'm not on trial yet you drop me and wants nothing to do with me but keep my money f*ck being rich then all my sponsors and corporations I made money for drpp me all my rich friends dump me f*ck bring rich seems like they trying to take all the rich blacks money

    • I live with educating yourself but f*ck school if you gonna take me degree that I earned by trying to play by white rules take your paper f*ck all these racists

  3. Black men in Amerikkka, the white man builds you up so they can tear you down and make all of the money! Eddie Griffin was right, black men can not leave hollywood with a perfect legacy!

    • Excuse me, but how have they damaged Mr. Sidney Poitier's legacy? Or Cab Calloway? Or Duke Ellington? Or Louis Armstrong?

      The ones that are damaged messed up big time and you know it.

      • I can sum up Sidney Poitier, Cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong in one word, COON!

        • You are a disrespectful sick muthafukka.

          Those men are icons who lived in an era in which they handled themselves with grace and dignity. Something you would know nothing about.

        • I am sure that you consider Jackie Robinson a coon too you infected asshole.

          Professional sports was changed forever because of him, and yes, he had to play nice with "the man" in order to effect historical change.

          Good Lord I wish YOU had had to live and survive in those days.

          • That pack of massengill 'fixed' knows what a coon is because he is one…alwayz talking out of both sides of his mouth.

            He has no clue of what love of self and his own means, which makes him the ultimate coon. FYI I am by no means saying any of those other men are coons.

    • Eddie Griffin is nothing but a mediocre moaning and bitching race card raiser…

      • Go back to your cave, devil.

        Thank you Eddie Griffin for manning up and telling the truth.

        • Can you answer why hosts of good black men's legacies are intact? Why is it just those who f*ck up who are brought down?

  4. Look into the background of all involved, and the school will be looking for new employees.

  5. This is not an attack on Cosby. It's an attack on black people. Cosby is being sacrificed to dehumanize black people.

    He is innocent. I don't believe any of these criminals and vultures. These white devils are attacking a face of black progressive philosophy and a global icon.

    The only thing he did was have mistresses. There's nothing wrong with men of status and means having many wives.

    White. Devils.

    • You are an idiot.

      The man said what he did out of his own mouth…f*ck that hypocrite.

      • You're either a moron or you don't speak English. He never admitted to attacking anyone.

        He admitted to having sex with sluts and provided the drugs and alcohol THEY requested. If that's a crime, almost everyone is a rapist because most people offer alcohol and have casual sex.

        • LMAO…and if that was your mama he did it to would you be saying the same thing?

          STFU…you f*cking trash bag the thing she should have left you in.

    • You really a clueless supremacist and I bet you never ever set a foot in Africa…
      And a dumb idiot for saying things such as "There's nothing wrong with men of status and means having many wives." : are you that much of a woman hating down low idiot ? Using women to show off wealth and status : only a jungle alpha male chimp would do that…
      Bill Cosby "a face of black progressive philosophy and a global icon." : as he been known for actually writing a book ? Another fake activist only when the camera is rolling
      A global icon ?
      A global ICOON yes he is ! Famous for his grimaces and his many buffooneries that really depicted black people in the most racist self-hating possible way…

      • A response this retarded could only come from a white devil. You're so stupid, you're not even worth correcting.

  6. Good! Yeah, that's right. Take every thing. Strip that nicca down to his birthday suit or at least down to his 'Fat Albert and the Cosby Gang, cartoon Drawls. Preferably in the same way he did to all those women who he F'd over.

    • The reactions of the women on this thread makes me proud. It is a blessing that we can see past shared skin and call it what it is. I am embarrassed when I hear someone say that he is innocent. If that man was white we would all be calling for him to be in prison.

      And as for the sad person who calls every one who disagree with him a devil, that really make me sad.

  7. Anyone who really believes this bullsh_t is…they have problems

    1. The easiest way to destroy someone is to accuse them of sexual abuse. It doesn't matter what facts come out, most people will believe it.

    2. These women have been caught in multiple lies. Many of them dated him for years. Others claimed he was places he couldn't possibly have been.

    3. Most of them don't even claim he attacked them. Most say he touched their butt at a party or something, which they only said to get a check from media.

    4. Most of these women were/are known prostitutes and criminals with a long history of extortion, fraud, theft, and etc.

    5. The 60s and 70s were drug orgies. Everyone was experimenting. Back then, they didn't even think most of those drugs were dangerous. There were teachers smoking weed on their break in the 70s. Weed was everywhere.

    He did nothing inappropriate. He socialized, and entertained women; which included providing the various substances THEY requested. You're not a criminal for inviting someone to your home to have sex, and offering them wine before you have sex.

  8. For two and a half years, over fifty women, mostly white women have accused Bill Cosby of rape; key word ACCUSED! During this time the white owned local and national news media have heavily reported Bill Cosby's scandal twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Several sponsors, tv networks and some universities (Including Spelman College) have severed all relationships and business deals with Bill Cosby! Keep in mind these women are ACCUSING Bill Cosby of rape. Many of these ACCUSATIONS are over thirty years old; which means the statute of limitations has expired!

    Contrast Bill Cosby's scandal with the criminal cases of three, yes three white men who have been convicted of rape; key word, CONVICTED! The three men are Owen Labrie, Brock Turner and John Enochs. Some of you don't know who these three white male rapists are. That's because their rape CONVICTIONS were not heavily reported. The white owned tv news networks conspired to keep their reports on these three white male rapists to a minimum.

    Owen Labrie was CONVICTED of raping a underage girl. He was sentenced to one year in prison with protective custody privilege. Brock Turner was CONVICTED of drugging and raping a woman at Stanford. Brock Turner was sentenced to six months in prison with protective custody privilege. John Enochs was charged with raping two women at the University of Indiana. John Enochs plea bargained to lesser charges and was sentenced to one day in jail; not prison, jail!

    Once again, three white men have been CONVICTED of rape. The news media barely covered those criminal cases. Bill Cosby is being ACCUSED of rape and has had his entire legacy completely destroyed. White supremacy is still a major problem! White laws, white justice system protect their own while destroying and incarcerating us! ACCUSATIONS of a crime will destroy a black man while criminal CONVICTIONS against a white man will still allow him to maintain his white privilege, status and legacy! Do you guys see the difference between a black man being ACCUSED verses a white man who has been CONVICTED? Have you guys watched Hidden Colors part 4? It specifically talks about white privilege, white supremacy! Bill Cosby has not been CONVICTED of rape, yet he is having his entire life and legacy destroyed by white supremacy and the boules refuse to help him. Meanwhile, three white men have actually been CONVICTED of rape and the white justice system is protecting them! Now that I have given you this useful information, what are we going to do about this brothers and sistas?

    P.S. Speaking of rape, over a dozen white female teachers have been arrested and charged with raping high school boys this year. White media is not reporting these stories. Gee I wonder why?

    P.S.S. Don't forget about the white woman name Debra Lafave who in 2005, served no time in prison for raping a under age boy. Her attorney told the judge, "She is too pretty to go to prison." The judge sentenced Debra Lafave to house arrest.

    • Very well made points NBA. Cannot argue with this cuz it is all true. But, Bill Cosby treat black folks (unless they are bougie) so bad, f*ck him.

      I still think the Cos was slangin' qualudes. I think he was a major pill pusher back in the 70s and it is prolly how he got his real money. No one would suspect him. He was a drug dealer hiding in plain sight. Yes, there is jealousy that he stayed up all these years and folks want to take him down.

      But then again, this is why you don't mix business with pleasure.

      • No other person has made larger donations to HBCUs than Bill Cosby. His donations literally saved HBCUs from closing.

        The Cosby show was supposed to be a stereotypical show about black Americans. He completely changed the show. Everything was a conscious decision to show progressive black people. White people absolutely hated this and continue to hate it. Part of the reason for this smear campaign is to destroy that imagery, and his other work. There is nothing whites hate more than intelligent, progressive black people.

        The "pound cake" speech was nothing more than an older black man who grew up in worse times venting his frustration with a younger generation that doesn't seem to take advantage of a perceived better situation. Black people of a certain age ALL say these things. Some people need to get out of their feelings. He aired some people out, and it's over. It's not like he's Chris Rock who makes a living off insulting black people. It's not like he's Kevin Hart who also makes a living off insulting black people.

        • While I agree about CR & KV, this man is no better. He admits to drugging and taking advantage of women and because he created a show, that takes him off the hook…BS. A million good deeds cannot make up for the destruction of anyone's life. And if you have been sexually abused, for the majority, their lives usually turn to shit, for various reasons.

          He is a predator of the worse kind, because he preyed on those he knew no one would believe. If he does not pay in this life, he will pay in the next.

          • HE. NEVER. SAID. THAT.
            -He stated that he *socialized* with women, and entertained them in his home.
            -He stated that he had intercourse with women.
            -He stated that he OFFERED them the substances they WANTED.
            -He OFFERED *popular* party drugs of the era.

            This was the 60s and 70s when almost everyone was experimenting with drugs. People didn't even know how dangerous drugs were back then.

            Today, people do molly, x, and other stuff. It's no different from inviting someone over and offering them wine and/or weed. It's no different from people choosing to go out together and do X.

            Some people are projecting their own personal issues onto Cosby. We're not talking about minors and some white man. We're talking about Cosby and adult women who are known prostitutes and criminals with a long history of fraud, theft, and extortion.

            • He DID say he had sexual contact with them…so you can GTFOH with the BS.

              Fuck cosbag, he WILL get what his bitch ass deserves, one way or another.

  9. You ignorant motherf*ckers who would stand up for a rapist are the same ones who call BW who have stories on them on here and any black person you do not agree with, any and everything, but a child of God.

    Every single last one of you better enjoy sitting and spinning on a spit next your idol mr cosby in the fiery inferno, because that is where all of you will be.

    • And that asshole NBA will hopefully be in the at the top of the heap.

      Good gawd NBA, do you really hate women that much? I mean, the misogyny is just over the top.

  10. Typical white people, and did Bill Cosby donate any money to UCON, if so is they going to give that back too.

    • Typical white people? Are you aware that Spelman and Morehouse severed their ties with him as well?

  11. y'all do realize that bill cosby had his son killed to move in the masonic lodge right? bill has done alot of evil shit to people but he did not rape these bill cosby is not playing ball the skull n bones and the boule want him to do something so what way to hurt is to take wealth and tarish his name.

  12. what i meant bill did not rape these women. bill cosby donated to those colleges as a favor to the rocafellers rothschilds and builderbergs black people do not own those black college they are controlled by the jews

  13. i know are going to say stephen i don;t believe you what about the college deans they black well.. guess what?those black college deans of the board are boule members. bill cosby is boule

  14. When his show was hot, white people hated it because it was a positive black show. It stayed on the air because white people were caking hard off it. It was incredibly popular across markets. That only continued for like 2 decades long after the last episode. They intentionally waited until they made their last good check off of him to destroy his legacy and brand. They waited until there was no way he could rebuild, and they also wanted to prevent him from passing the torch.

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