Ian Connor’s 21 Alleged Rape Victims Team Up With Amber Rose

ian connor rape victims amber rose slut walk

Ian Connor, the pint-size model who has walked the runway for Kanye’s Yeezy clothing line has been accused of raping multiple women.

Although last time we heard, the rape charges have been dropped, the alleged victims are still looking to speak out and tell their stories.

And who better to get the word out than Amber Rose? The former stripper says 21 alleged victims have contacted her, and they want to share their stories at her annual SlutWalk.

“It’s innocent until proven guilty, but when you have 21 women from all over the world that do not know each other but have similar stories, it gets to the point where it’s like…enough,” – Amber Rose

Are you curious to see what these women have to say at Amber’s event?


  1. What world am I living in?
    Rape victims will share their story with a thot/stripper/hoe at the Slut Walk. lol

  2. Can somebody please enlighten me………What the hell is a SLUTWALK?…….. Is that where Amber and friends go on the stroll panhandle their wares to the highest bidder? GTFOH

    • Well it's basically like this…Black and Asian girls have jobs. They contribute something to society. White and mostly white skanks do slutwalks.

    • Lol! That was too funny
      Some1 also asked was amber the "Prime Minister of the hoes"

  3. Well Amber .. if women are coming to you nd not going to local authorities immediately , nd rape is a traumatic thing …had no idea you were a therapist or even law enforcement..a little disturbing -Judy CEO?!

  4. Which kind of immediately sounds off the alarm for set up. Rape is indeed a traumatic thing, and it really fuels a lot of questions when these women would rather go instagram, famous thots, lawyers, and social media to air their experiences when they could have very well gone to law enforcement. This is a real insult and complete slap in the face to real rape victims who have to fight 10x harder to have their recounts believed. Im not saying the guy didn't do it, but these young women need to really thing long and hard about handling situations like these.

  5. White. Devil. Liars.

    They're coming for Kanye indirectly.

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  6. I was a victim years ago so it pains me to see ppl use this as an excuse to get FaceTime on the internet. If it is that serious you would not let Yeezys ppl to pay you off then still come on the internet and cry wolf. Don't come On here go to the damn police and press charges or STFU.

  7. He is tall as a smurf can be : what is he modeling for ?
    He is ugly as a pile of shit : wait a minute … he actually works in the fashion industry ? Not for a circus ?
    This "man" is clearly deranged…another woman hating/raping down low : no wonder why Koonye likes him so much !
    But the charges were dropped : another illuminati miracle ! While TPTB drop charges for any entertainment coon, TPTB is skilled at sending in jail genuine innocent and decent africans…

    • I have absolutely nothing to say here…
      You covered the entire gamut in excellent manner!

      • Thank you my dear it's always a pleasure to hearing from you !
        I do love your posts because they are honest !
        Such a crazy world we live in right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?
        Take care my dear

    • And despite his looks, all these slores had sex with him, and many more will.

        • Many more of you caveslores will gladly have sex with him. There's one doing him right now.

            • Anonymous Jul 1, 2016 at 08:25,
              Thank you for speaking up for all of us…the comment you responded to was quite mean spirited, vile & seems to be directed at all of us.Thank you for being fearless in at a time when you could have shrinked back. Those of us who caught it appreciate you for that. Thanks again …☺

  8. SlutWalk is a transnational movement of protest marches calling for an end to rape culture. Specifically, participants protest against explaining or excusing rape by referring to any aspect of a woman's appearance.

    • Bullshit. It's pseudo-feminism from a bunch of dumb whores who don't have jobs and bend over for rent, or they're full-time professional fake feminists.

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