Chris Brown Wet the Bed in Ibiza?!

chris brown peed bed ibiza

Chris Brown has been in the news a lot lately, but we never thought we’d be hearing a story like this from the troubled signer!

According to TMZ, Chris and his crew rented a villa in Ibiza during the last week of June. When it was time for everyone to vacate, Chris apparently wouldn’t leave the house. So the owner had to get the cops involved.

When the police arrived, they noticed the house had been trashed. There were slashes in the walls caused by a knife, and the landlord says “someone” peed the bed and vomited all over the place! Just nasty!!

Chris finally left, but the landlord says the singer owes him $26K in rent, plus $60K in damages.

I think Chris is quickly gonna realize this story would have never made the news if he hadn’t fired his PR person!


  1. Not a surprise, he used to pee the bed when he was a kid, because of the abuse at house.

    • Exactly, it could have been anyone. Is this what our society has come to. Reporting when someone pisses the bed.

  2. I'm surprised someone from TMZ wasn't there holding his dick while he pisses. TMZ is the scum of the earth

  3. No, THIS story is being told BECAUSE HE FIRED HIS PR PERSON & MANAGER. They're now going to assist in his further demise…unless he agrees to pay what they want now. Be prepared to see more stories like this coming out at a rapid pace now.

  4. OT: @Sasha R, Could u please do a story on Rhianna dressing up as an alien and her demonic video so all the conspiracy nuts and the blind sheep can debate?
    Thanx, lol

    • @Tt you sound like an idiot. If the oomments are from blind sheep and nutzo's as you put it then why the hell would you want to read them.. dumbass

      • No. Tt does speak for a few of us who are WIDE AWAKE and know well that there is a lot of very evil shit which goes on every day, but we do not ascribe that shit to some nebulous group of white men who sit around a table somewhere in Europe and plan the take down of every D list rapper and C list actor in Hollywood.
        Too many people here have taken a valid concept and run a mile past the goal posts with it. Are there lots of nefarious doings in the geopolitical scene? Yes. But the vaunted "powers that be" are not behind every damn thing that happens. To believe that abrogates each "victim" of any personal responsibility.

        When a black celebrity who has been a known addict for years dies, it's because of his/her choices. When one accepts that, then there is a lesson to be learned from their tragic death. But when said death is ascribed to "sacrifice" or the conspiracy of murder, it negates any value from the example and turn their life sadly took.

        You have the freedom to believe whatever you choose, but believe me, you are doing yourself no favor when you believe that a worldwide evil force is out to obliterate all black celebrities. That leads to even more cynicism and ennui which will deprive your life of basic joy and beauty.

        • "white men who sit around a table somewhere in Europe"
          -> kazari-semite joowish bloodlines AND a few whites and a very few colored
          -> europe AND Wall Street AND Hollywood AND Washington DC

  5. I know the people around Chris know damn well, this nicca needs some serious help, but because they don't want the money train, the endless parties, the jet set lifestyle and all the luxuries and benefits that come with being around a celeb, to never end. He's probably gonna die at a very young age. Not wishing this or wanting this for him, but he's been so out of control for far too many years.

  6. Chris B's got some serious issues. He needs to seriously get some spiritual (not necessarily "religious" help along with some therapy.

    • I completely agree TTS.

      And let me say that you learn in Psych 101 in college that males who wet the bed past age 6 or so are frequently the victims of sexual abuse. This is very sad.

      • It's been talked about before, and perhaps rumored; but I believe chris was a victim of sexual abuse.

        • The Truman Show,
          You're right. I can't recall by who but I believe it was said to be his mother's live in boyfriend. There was talk of physical & sexual abuse. It started coming out in therapy but what I never heard was "who did what to him when he first came on scene with his first album." Remember, he was quite young then. His eyes were bright & happy. Now, he tends to look disgruntled, sad & unhappy all the time even when he's acting an ass.

  7. Ian Connor in Paris last week, now CB this week in Ibiza…These "guys" really played their best shot to give the native europeans a good image not only of the BM but of the whole americans…
    BTW America has a very very very poor image in Europe and bear in mind that the european natives are desperate to be "saved" by Russia…
    Just for saying : behaving like that in western Europe is one thing but it's a whole different story in eastern Europe…
    Had CB behaved like that in Russia, he would be dead by now, he and his "friends" would their bodies chopped off in small pieces, which would have been put in plastic trash bags to be displaced in the nearest dump yard…

  8. All these trips don't escape what he carries with him. Even when black folks are not entertaining the white folks on stage, we become the entertainment for them off the stage. Everyone needs to go somewhere and be quiet for a long time to stop the media from knowing what is going on.

    • Quote from David Banner, "Black people's pain is the world's entertainment."

  9. One of these days, Chris Brown is going to piss off the wrong person. Then he may end up dead! Then a bunch of misguided teenage black girls are going to sob and cry over a young black man who chose to piss away his life (Pun intended).

  10. If I am made aware that Chris Brown wet his bed, he need a whole new set of friends. Why is that intimate piece of information public?

    Chris Brown and all of Black America need to go to a 12 step program, like Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families. We are too messed up by our captive home called American society. I agree that the “Illuminati” does not conspire to kill black celebrities. They do not have to because it is engineered for a tragic end. Talent + Dysfunctional Upbringing + Sleazy Jooish Managers +DRUGS = Early Demise. It is like leaving a 3 year old home alone with several unsecured, loaded guns in the house. We have taken on all the qualities of our oppressors. Personally, I don’t think TPTB see us as a threat.

    It is incumbent on us, as black people, the black celebs and the black politicians to do the inside job on our minds and souls so that we can put up a defense against the nefarious intentions of our oppressors, who by the way, include many of our own. We need to focus on our own behavior and especially our attitudes. The Africans are walking away with our jobs, scholarships, housing and our acting roles. Black folks are too trapped in that ghetto shit which got a real short shelf life as the winds of change are upon us (think BREXIT AND Trump).

    Look at the f*ckin’ stories just this week: Second woman in history on FBI most wanted list is a BW who killed a nine-months pregnant mom, the latter of whom had a brother who was killed last month. BW kills 4 of her five kids by stabbing them, one in the head who survived. BM accosts woman on street to stuff a bag of feces in her pants. Baltimore rapper Lor Scoota was assassinated, for no other reason but for jealousy, after leaving a peace rally he organized.

    If we are so weak as a people because we have thrown away our spirituality, then we will reap what we have sown unless we put up a SPIRITUAL defense against TPTB. We can no longer afford to fight by just pointing fingers. We are condemning our children to early graves, jail, addiction, teenage pregnancy, homelessness and alienation.

    Oh, and no more Who’s Jacky talkin’ ‘bout cuz Jacky done been left this site. August 2012

    • Good comment. But as for the Jacky part, I truly believe that he is still here, but he has delegated much of the writing to Sasha and others. If he hasn't been here since the notorious events of 2012, then how did he get the inside info on Charlie Sheen's HIV which was reported and credited to him in the NYT?

  11. At least he had a bed to sleep in…eye wonder what its like peeing in a sleeping bag , no electricity nd no gas must freeze in the winter… they sit on emails and new phones .. zzzz soon ? predictable bitch #outgrown.

  12. @Anonymous 18:40

    Jacky reported on that before August 2012 and he is still the face of the site, henceforth the credit by the NYT.

    • You need to check your dates. I am almost certain that the Sheen story was approximately two years ago. I started posting here in 2012, and the CS article was way after that.

  13. I saw his videos of a lived in, but nice house, but not the video of a trashed house. I believe people can learn from bad decisions, don't crucify him.

  14. HSK you look stupid for circulating lies ..damn shame really you want people to believe you ? stop printing stuff like this lie. CB made you look stupid

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