Rihanna & Drake Are Dating Again

rihanna drake dating

Rihanna and Drake are hooking up again according to E! news…which is no surprise considering the two have been spotted together at various nightclubs in London, and grinding on each other during their performances.

This isn’t the first time the two have dated, and according to sources, Drizzy’s feelings for RiRi never faded.

“He still loves her and never stopped. Rihanna is the one that’s been not wanting to settle down in the past. They are having fun spending time with each other. Their music together got them close again.”

Since Drake and Rihanna are both h***, how long until this relationship goes up in flames?


  1. These two dating seriously… I doubt it. These two still rolling around and tickling each other between the sheets…no doubt about it.

  2. A pure moment of PR Stunt

    Drake is the gayest down low of the industry and is desperate to come off as heterosexual…
    Riri is desperate because her career needs a serious reboot…

    Now you do the maths…

    • Good Morning, This by far the best comment ever. Very TRUE. I swaer that Drake is pathetic for FAKING THIS RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS GIRL which in REALITY SHE IS USING DRAKE AS A COME UP AGAIN.


    • Exactly.

      She saw ticket sales dip, and went running for easy publicity.

      He was into it too because of Odell Beckham making twerk videos in his bedroom and putting it on IG; and because of QuentinMillergate.

      She only likes dudes with cash and connections, or thugs (for fun). Drake is a corporate puppet.

      • But yeah you can't help but see how SAD this shyt is. I am the same sign as Drake, and you best to believe that I'm not the one that plays that FAKE RELATIONSHIP SHYT.. So why does Drake??

  3. What happened to Serena?…….. I'm sorry…… I jus can't keep up with this any loooonger?

  4. Well if he is sooooooo gay???yyyyy chase him and stalk tho? sorry walking wells?

  5. Didn't Drake feel the same way about Serena Williams a few seconds ago.

  6. Friend told me that Drake and Rhianna share a common kink. This thing isn't fake.

    Y'all need to get it outcha heads that people only have sex with one gender or the other. When drugs are involved, anything goes.

    Remember Prince?

    • @anon 03:57, please clarify ur statement. Or if someone else can break it down for me, I would greatly appreciate it. The fact that u mentioned Prince's name in the same sentence with these 2 no talent industry hoes is has peaked my interest.

      • To clarify: Prince was not gay, but he was kinky, and under the influence of a lot of party drugs he messed with men from time to time.

        Drake is actually into some kinky stuff that Rhianna is also into, therefore it is not a bearding thing. The only reason I brought up the late Prince(RIP) is to state that there really are men who actually like women and men and who are not gay. They are bisexual. Most people here seem to believe that if you ever sucked a dick you are gay period. They do not acknowledge bisexuality. I am saying that 80% of celebs go both ways and it's primarily the party drugs that turn them out.

        • Prince is not gay, however, you DEFINITELY are. Don't confuse your cave faggot fantasies with reality. Prince is straight, and had way more money and hot p*ssy than obese, faggot, no lip, albino pieces of trash like you could ever dream about; AND the entire world respects his art.

          Drake is an albino homosexual with no talent. Rihanna doesn't find albino homosexuals attractive unless they pay her, then she finds them attractive for X hours.

          • Bwahahahahaha If you knew how wrong you are even you would be laffin'.

            I'm not a cave person. I'm not a faggot. I have juicy lips and I sure as hell ain't obese.

            Prince had all the hot p*ssy he could want, but you are wrong that he never dabbled with men back in the early 90s. I have it from someone in his inner circle, and that had a lot to do with his religious conversion in '98.

            You make a lot of assumptions don't ya? It's like you are getting $100 for every time you type the word albino. I have been here for 4 and a half years, and I never saw the word albino used here until the last month. Now I see it every damn thread.

            Would you please confine your critiques to the term cave people from here on out? I hate to see the albino black folks being offended by your loose usage of the word. I actually have a cousin who suffers from albinism, and her life is tough enough.

    • Spill the beans, what's the kink? What are the drugs? We're all adults here. Plus we know both of them are bisexual so no need to be shy now.

  7. UrinalDrake's PR people are trying to distract people from him and Odell's gay pillow fights, or all his other obvious gay relationships like Trey Songz.

    They must realize that Meek Mill won the war.

  8. Nobody is gay-er & dyke-ier than Rihanna the only chick whose brings her lesbian lover all around the world with her for the last umpteen years. Yea I saw the odell Beckham thing at drakes house suspect to say the least. But they both will have sex with anyone or anything so I can see they probably have fun bisexual freakk asses

  9. he'll always be owned by Odell BeckhamJr no matter what bimbo brawd he calls himself tryin to holla at

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