Chris Brown Shows Video Proof He Didn’t Trash Ibiza Villa

chris brown video proof ibiza villa

Welp, it looks like the smear campaign against Chris Brown is in full effect, but the singer is going to great lengths to protect whatever image he has left.

TMZ reported the singer trashed his rented villa in Ibiza, threw knives at the wall, wet the bed, and vomited all over the place. The owner of the villa had to get cops involved because Chris allegedly wouldn’t leave the premises.

Once the police arrived, Chris made sure to document the condition of the home in a series of videos which he later posted to Instagram. The videos show the home in pristine condition. Chris also alleges the owner made the damage claims prior to even stepping foot in the house.

In the final video, Chris tells the homeowner that he and his friends are not “animals,” and they don’t conduct themselves that way. He also tells the owner “good luck” trying to get the $60K in damages he requested.

In case you forgot, Chris’ manager and publicists were recently fired, so he has been left to damage control all on his own. Is he doing a good job?


  1. I think in this case he is , he seems to know people are gunning for him so he is being smart by video taping it, and at least for me I'm convinced now, he didn't mess up the apartment.

  2. I'm looking at the black and white picture of Chris Brown. It looks like he is on drugs. When I say drugs, I don't mean weed.

  3. Sad tweeting junky fuccboi! Innocent or guilty anybody with sense stepped off his rollercoaster years ago!

  4. Guess how many f*cks I give about Chris Brown's life, ZERO! If he gets killed, I will not lose any sleep!

  5. I'm glad he did this. He is answering his critics with sense and not lashing out.

  6. I worked in PR back in the 90s, and believe me when I tell you that EVERY star with the possible exception of Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington are involved in this sort of story all the damn time.
    White celebs are in drug trouble 24-7, and you almost never hear about it.
    But before you jump to the conclusion that the media has it out for black celebrities, hear this: the tabloids and the web sites like TMZ don't see color unless that color is GREEN. They are starving for scandal and they take it like a starving wolf whenever they learn of it. The difference is that most white celebs have PR reps cleaning up their mess as soon as they make it. The agency will say, "don't print the story about CB and we will give you an exclusive with one of our other clients. Then the tabloid reconsiders.
    I hate to say it, but this reminds me of how black celebs seem to have more tax problems than white celebs. It is not because white celebs are more responsible or honest than Mo'Nique, Wesley or Lauryn. It is because those black celebs did not hire GOOD experienced CPAs and financial managers. They thought they could save a lot of money be utilizing some whack tax scheme(like Wesley) or that they and their regular manager could handle it themselves. Trust me, the IRS is looking 10 times at all celebs tax returns, and nickel and diming on your tax return is just stupid. If you are worth even a couple of million, you need to have excellent money managers handling your shit.
    Oh, you can cheat as long as you play by the IRS rules. You know, like a the millionaires do. But ya gotta play by the rules.

    I imagine CB will have new PR working to straighten this mess out before the holiday is over. Look for some fall guy to take the blame for the mess that the house was in.

  7. The bottom line is this….Chris Brown is an artist. As such he should have a "capable staff" to handle his affairs in a discreet & professional manner so he can stay in his own lane…being an artist. He is not a financial advisor/planner/accountant. Nor is he a public relations rep. He can say his boys are smart & have degrees all all he wants but he doesn't & even if if he did he cannot manage his own life let alone his career.

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