Fantasia Shows Off Her NASTY Burn Injury!

    fantasia burn scar

    Fantasia is still healing from an accident that occurred on her tour bus when an aromatherapy vaporizer tipped over and spilled hot water on her forearm.

    The singer posted a photo to show just how severely she was injured.

    Ewww!!! Still hate looking at my arm like this but hey I'm still blessed? Rock Soul ITS GETTING BETTER BABY??

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    Ouch! Get well soon, Fanny.

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    1. That ain’t come from no damn vaporizer. Who the fuck puts a vaporizer that can spill on a moving bus?

      • A singer that was trying to heal their vocal cords and wasn’t thinking. You’re post is ridiculous.

    2. I have a real good idea on who it was that burnt her that man he is giving her hell! And no she’ll never tell its secrets and dirty ish she got on her hands she has done she dosent want exposed but yeah that man did it and is doing more to her behind the scenes way more worse.

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