Fan Accuses Miguel of Sexual Assault

miguel fan sexual assault

A Miguel fan is accusing the singer of sexually assaulting her after they posed for a picture.

Do you believe her?


  1. Strangely growing up women, without consent, would grope shirtless men all the time saying stuff like “You fine”. They would occasionally reach for thier private parts. Put oddly very few men complained and the ones that complained the women would label them as gay

    • Lol I don’t believe her story. I think Miguel wasn’t paying her any attention. “Salivating mouth” ….who says that. You know she is trying to appeal to white liberals

      • You are a white liberal! You got a short pixie haircut of stringy greasy hair with big jelly rolls that made you lose your special parts for years. You wearing a tie dyed ‘Hilary coulda won’ shirt right now….LOL What you know about salivating? You are the Salivator!!

  2. He did it. A few points tho, dem tiddays are bustin out and they do look juicy. Miguel just like most entertainers get pussy, ass, dick, mouth & everything in between thrown at them so they feel if u are gonna approach them in a certain setting then u fair game, clearly not everabody feel that way tho

  3. Miguel’s a homo! He didn’t do this for any other reason than to look like he’s not.

    • of course Miguel is gay
      that crazy bitch is trying to pull some blackmail move on him…

  4. I’m glad she put him on blast though- she should’ve permanently wrecked his grill and kicked him in the small dick.

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