Fantasia Suffers Second-Degree Burns in Accident!

fantasia second degree burns

Fantasia Barrino suffered second-degree burns on her arm during an accident!

The singer snapped a photo for her Instagram, and her husband explained that her tour would have to be put on hold temporarily.

Get well soon, Fanny!


  1. Happened to me in 7th grade. It is painful and those blisters!!

    Get Well Soon Fantasia!

  2. Get well soon and 2nd degree burns is no joke.. It is very painful and my niece has to scrub her face everyday.. Ge father did it for her and she healed beautifully and her skin is the same tone all over..
    If one didn’t know it happened, they surely didn’t leave any scars in her face.. He also used herbs alone with her prescription medication…

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