Wendy Williams Breaks Down Over Chris Brown’s Drug Addiction

wendy williams chris brown drugs

Wendy Williams discussed Chris Brown’s drug addiction on her television show, and she broke down and started crying as she related to his struggles.

Peep the videos:

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Part: 2



  1. Wow, Wendy getting very emotional over CB. But she’s right, CB is in big trouble and has no one in his life to intervene. So many others have gone before him and he might join the 27 Club. Don’t be part of that club man; 28 in May.

  2. She is not crying over him…she was thinking about her own son.

    Lord knows what he is doing since he got caught smoking salvia.

    • You must’ve never had real struggle. How dare you judge someone that beat the odds like Wendy. Addiction comes with very bad memories … some days I cant look myself in the mirror because of past memories of my drunken tirades. Since starting my own business I begun to suffer from Alcohol addiction . I have put myself in terrible situations because of alcohol and when I get completely sober I too will look back and feel sadder than I feel today. Dont judge what you’ve never been through.

      • What you did is your own fault, no one made you do any of it.

        I can say whatever I choose…she is as bogus as her wigs and all she cares about is herself.

      • I feel you pain and I completely understand.. My beautiful well educated sister smoke weed in college to keep her studying for hours.. Our father and her had a very bad disagreement, and he told her I will never accept this man in your life.. I’m not sending you for your PHD to be a dope head.. You will never marry him, because you will always throw in his face you are better than him…I will never be able to walk my cat woman down the isle. He died the next day at 44 years old.. Our whole life changed he had a major heart attack.. I’m crying writing this, it was 8 of us 6 were already educated.. myself and my brother was left.. She started do the white lady (Coke) for years no one could reach her at all.. She OD several times and I finally told her, here’s a gun I just bought, if you’re going to kill yourself get it over with.. I’m tired of cleaning up your mess. She took the gun and I said pull the fucking trigger p, your killing mother and all of us.. She broken down and ask me to check her in a long care rehab, she stayed 9 months and stayed clean until she died at 51.. It was hell on earth, she was my older sister and I just loved her and to see her waste her life and money on drugs was killing a part of my soul.. We were wealthy, but she had spent her inheritance on drugs, but it’s just money, money can’t buy yiu happiness and drugs only numb the problem for a few hours, the problem is till there.. Good luck in your fight with alcohol p, it’s one day at a time and seek thee for thy self. Jesus will help those who help themselves.

        • Thank you for this thoughtful reply. I’m sorry for what you and your sister went through. I swear Satan is so busy. I’ve Been trying to stay in prayer and I haven’t had a drink for A few days now.

          • Satan is powerful and he has some beautiful seductive angels, he took when God kick him out of Heaven.. You have to Curse his ass out and pray his ass out of your life.l He’s awaiting a weak moment to come in..
            Just remember we can only do one day at a time, sometimes it’s one hour at a time.. Just keep Jesus in the mix and cry out for his mercy and grace.. Kick the ones in your life out that still drinking, because temptation is hard for an addict.. They don’t mean you well.. Read the book of Psalms, it has everything in it, it a cry out from David to the Lord my God.. Good Luck and don’t look back, remember footprints ? in the sand…He already paid the price for our sins, but we hold on to them, lay them all at his feet, he can handle any and everything..Be blessed and know that you are worth it..

  3. I am currently struggling with Alcohol Addiction. I pray CB gets it together and Wendy thank you for sharing your story it helps me want to leave Alcohol alone.

    • So did she help u enough for u to stop drinking. WW is a fake ass BITCH. Ratings are down, she had to jump on a band wagon…hence CB.

  4. People who abuse drugs are selfish and self-indulgent.

    There is not one person on this earth who has not gone through some sort of trauma so that is no excuse.

    If you choose self-destruction, that is YOUR choice.

    If you have a great support system who you choose to shit on that is on you, but there are plenty of people who do NOT have that have nothing to fall back on, so feeling sorry for someone who chooses to destroy themselves and their life is not happening.

    • The industry preys on people in a bad situation. He went into the industry at like 10.

      The industry isn’t much different from a cartel, and they do the same things. There’s a good chance he’s endured certain things or been forced to do certain things (including drugs).

      • Fuck that, they made a CHOICE…NO ONE MADE them get in the industry.

        How the fuck do you feel sorry for someone who would not piss on you if you were on fire?

        Stupid ass MF.

  5. You people are ignorant as hell about addiction. Some people’s brains are wired to be very susceptible to drugs and alcohol. Bipolars like Chris are the highest risk group.

    If you are not an addict, yay for you. But throwing insults at those who are is really low.
    Cancer doesn’t run in my family, and I am fortunate not to have gotten breast cancer as so many of my friends have. Can you imagine me coming here and saying that those folks with cancer deserve it because they could have done more to remain healthy? Addiction runs in families. If you are a child of an alcoholic or addict your chances are great that you will be too.

    Stop the accusations and be grateful that you are free from the affliction.

    • You are an idiot comparing apples to oranges.

      Not every one has addiction in their family plenty of people use to escape life. Deal with your shit or get help, but going to drugs is a cop-out.

      If you have a predisposition get into therapy to deal with your shit instead of taking the easy way out. Just like women who have a predisposition to breast cancer remove their breast before hand to mitigate their risk since you want to go there.

      How you can even attempt to compare the two shows how much of a mental midget you are.

      Addicts are a cancer on the world and need to stop acting all woe is me when they did that shit to themselves.

    • There are trolls here. But thank you for your intelligent insight . Trolls are possessed by Satan.

  6. Fuck the bullshit, we all have choices to make and if YOUR ignorant ass chooses to use drugs you deserve everything you get.

  7. This tranny bitch makes so many disgusting spit and swallowing sounds while talking, I can’t even listen to her. Ugly disgusting trashbag.

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