Being Alexis Skyy: Fetty Wap’s Ex-Trap Queen Jacked By “Jealous Girlfriends”

Fetty Wap Alexis Skyy Robbery

HSK Exclusive – Fetty Wap may be relishing in the success of one “Trap Queen” — but that may not mean all Trap Queens connected to the lyricist are celebrating along with him. Sources say … while Fetty rejoices in Hip Hop single sales success, with “Trap Queen” recently landing him #3 on the charts, Alexis Skyy is reportedly picking up the pieces after being robbed!!!

“Alexis has many sponsors and one of her jealous girlfriends set her up.” – Anonymous

Sources say the robbery happened at Alexis Skyy’s Atlanta home. It’s said that Alexis knows who’s behind the jack. Know why? Word is that, “jealous girlfriends” are to blame! We’re told “the come-up” was about $22K in cash and “all the designer purses Fetty Wap bought her.”

“Fetty Wop started trickin’ on Alexis Skyy when ‘Trap Queen’ first came out. Once he began gettin’ popular, he told that IG model ‘kick rocks.”

Dig the drop:

“Alexis been working the blade since she was 16, She just chose up to a younger pimp. The pimp, his crew and Alexis are all looking for who robbed her.”


  1. fetty’ a one hit wonder so far he doesn’t even havbe a official album if hes a pimp like he says that’s where he makes the majority of his income this fool is just another mixtape hit having ass half singer half rapper.

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