Jhonni Blaze Goes Broke: Overdrawn Bank Account, Couch-Surfing, Back To The Pole?

Jhonni Blaze Goes Broke

HSK Exclusive – Say it ain’t so! Jhonnie Blaze seems to be facing some tough times … reported to be “couch-surfing at her friends’ homes” … and is said to be $500 in the red, “owing B of A that much in overdraft fees!” Word is the Love & Hip Hop New York personality is now taking it back to the drawing board.

“Jhonnie spent all of her VH1 money. She’s back on the hunt for rich sponsors.” – Velvet

Check it:

“Jhonnie is living between Atlanta and Houston. She’s back and forth, from sleeping on friend’s floors to friend’s couches. Since her hosting appearances dried up, her bank account with Bank of America is $500 overdrawn.

She’s living from check to check and she’s back dancing … which she quit when her appearance bookings were coming in. As nasty as her porn tape was, she didn’t make shit from it!”


    • Wasn’t she with the 1eyed bandit a week ago ??.
      Bitches better start picking up books !!!
      Stop picking up,rappers ! Lmao !!!

  1. this is racist as fuqq. meanwhile kim k, hilton, kendra, and those types get more taken care of by the industry…meanwhile jhonnie actually has talent!!

    dont feed into this bs ya’ll that’s how they set u up to be crabs in a barrel, while they lift theirs up as high as possible to crush blacks some more.

  2. Yes..I like her..I hope things get better very soon for her. We have to teach our girls a better way to live life. Her self..her body alone was made for a beautiful man to worship. I hope she don’t do no more surgery. U don’t know what you got til it’s gone

  3. She needs to know her worth as a woman, stop being a hoe hoin yourself out wont last long she wants fame shes thirsty as hell go get a real career is that all she worth is sex

  4. Sad shes one of thoses girls that will learn the hard way she gonna be burnt out give your body away til you cant give it nomore thats all shes worth is sex an she likes it cause it she didnt she would do better

  5. Where’s captain save a hoe Rich Dollaz? He needs to help Jhonni out because she gave him a story line on love n hip hop.

  6. And the sad thing is, she can play 6 instrument’s, but she’s choose’s to strip just to make easy money!

  7. thank you hsk for not trashing another of our beautiful women of african decent. pray we use times like these as teachable moments about the financial responsibility as adults in our community. think of the children

  8. Why is it every bitch that phucks with “Rich (Broke Ass) Dollarz” is a dud? Isn’t this the same nasty trick who was twerking so hard on stage she had a miscarriage on stage in Texas (please check this Jackie)? Or the same chick who Drake mashed and sent some goons to shut her up? This bish is nasty and messy as hell. Jesus can’t save a hoe that stays nasty and aint about anything in life…this bish is done! #SayItAintHoe #JesusWept

  9. Is she gaining weight? I know she had butt implants, but I’m looking at the knees and thighs.

  10. Fuck white supremacy you niggas better get on some black supremacy and use yourt money for real business and buying local politicians like they do. Cry white supremacy all you want if they gave a f*ck it wouldn’t be white supremacy.

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