J’Leon Love Won’t Claim Blac Chyna

J'Leon Love Won't Claim Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is still running around town giving everyone updates on her ho activities. First, she claimed J’Leon Love wouldn’t smash her util he was done training for his next fight. Then, she told TMZ that he refused to blow her back out until the end of Ramadan on July 17. While Chyna keeps making excuses for not getting chose by the boxer, J’Leon is on Twitter proclaiming to be single.

So, Chyna went from clearance rack city rapper Tyga who left her for a 17-year-old, to a man who refuses to publicly claim her. She’s practically begging for the D, and looking desperate as hell!


  1. Man look at his eyes in all the pics he’s taken with her, he looks more thirsty than she does. She might want to chalk this one up as a loss cuz his milkshake might be better than hers, lol.

  2. Knowing how Kris Jenner hates “Black Love” she will probably get Kendall to wreck this relationship!!

      • @Sunni

        So true, Kris dislikes black women in general, that’s why she get’s her daughters to befriend black women, and to style black women’s style and look.
        once her daughter do that, they will steal rich successful black men away from black women.

        Because Kris doesn’t want black women living the high life, only her daughters.

        She will get Kendall to wreck this relationship, like she did to Micheal Jordan’s son who was dating a black girl, than Kris sent Kendall to wreck the relationship.

  3. Who wants to be wit a known hoe chyna,amber hoes,these bitches think they really doin something special being a hoe is nothin to celebrate 10 years for now where these wash ed up thots gon be

    • Trying to get SSI talking bout they cant walk or feel their legs no more. All that silicone and fix a flat is gonna do all of them in watch.

  4. Wasn’t proclaiming her love for some VAGINA !!!
    Now she wants dick to put a ring on it WTF !!! Hoes read a book please !
    No self respecting man wants that shit ! Pure fake waste !!

  5. Blow her back out….Who the puck talks like that? Sounds so gay. Look at the words they’re using lol

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