Bobbi Kristina Deathbed Photos!

Bobbi Kristina Deathbed Photos!

Bobbi Kristina is close to dying, and sources have reported that an “extended family member” is shopping around photos of her lying on her deathbed. The photos were either taken while BK was in the hospital in Atlanta, or during her recent stay in hospice. None of the popular news outlets would pay the $100,000 asking price for the pictures, but the National Enquirer reportedly has the devastating photo of BK lying in a hospital bed with a neck brace and breathing tube down her throat.

If this photo is indeed BK, it’s sad to see her in this state.

Bobbi Kristina Deathbed Photos!

Although people are pointing their fingers as BK’s longtime boyfriend, Nick Gordon, Nick claims the troubled starlet’s drug use is to blame.

What do you think? Is this the Bobbi Kristina deathbed photo that Bobby and the Brown family didn’t want to be leaked to the public?


  1. This is so sad, yet chilling the white media is going to have field day with this
    Bobby’s name is gonna get dragged through the mud, they still blame him for Whitney’s down fail. Bobbi k’s white boyfriend it going
    to walk away scott free (because of white privilege) but he took that photo of Bobby’ k and Whitney (doing drugs together)

    I can smell a new realty show being made about Bobbi k!!

    • Them hands look like white mans too me ?
      Stop trying to lynch the black man for her probs !!
      Nick ain’t innocent but I doubt he’d kill his future cash cow !!

    • @Anonymous

      Do your research, your will find out, Bobbi k had a white boyfriend who was also a drug dealer!!
      Bobby and Nick are gonna get blamed for this, while her ex white boyfriend will get off scott free. Black women stop this notion about
      white men being superhero’s, because their are not, some will steal,kill etc!

      Hollywood hates strong black men, who aren’t down with swirl. Remember the Hollywood elites wanted Madonna and Bobby to date

  2. The Photos from The National Enquirer clearly state “Reenactment” They are NOT of her

  3. I’m not going to blame BB. Sure he made mistakes. He turned his life around and tried to help whitney. But she wouldn’t have it. BB felt that Nick was a bad influence on BK. but again Whitney wouldn’t listen. Hence BB became the bad guy. Slot of this is Whitney’s fault not BB

    • Whitney Houston fought Bobby Brown every step of the way. Go back to Being Bobby Brown to see how Whitney taught Bobbi Kristina to disrespect and not listen to her father at a young age. Bobbi kristina would even cuss Whitney out so what that tell you? Whitney was spiteful and her daughter paid the price for it. Bobby never wanted Nick Gordon in that house and he wanted custody of Bobbi Kristina, but he was no match for Whitney’s high-priced lawyers and Clive Davis.

  4. Take this for what it’s worth…tmz is reporting that it was a BROWN family member who took pic of a dying BK. Says security contacted the HOUSTONS to give them their suspicions. BROWNS are banned from further visiting BK. Except for BB. As if anyone could stop bb from seeing his child

    • If the guy who took the pic is a long time source of inside info for TMZ and on the Houstons payroll.. of course they would point their fingers at the Browns.

  5. I doubt that this is an actual pic, look at that weave….she’s been hospitalized since January and that shit is fully in in tact. I call bullshit on this one

  6. whats worse 3 of her drug usaing inner circle friends wounded up dead her best friend was given a shot of pure heroin.

    why is bobbi k’s friends overdosing one by one.

    nick might die next of a overdose wonder is he thinking is it all worth no wonder the houstons didn’t respond to nicks threats.

  7. Damn, let her be at peace! These vultures don’t give a f*ck about Krissie whatsoever!

  8. That’s not BK, you can tell the chick in the pic has some meat on her…before BK went into a coma she was significantly thinner and I don’t believe being on a life support machine will make you gain weight. This whole ENTIRE shit is sad, but it was inevitable. She should have stopped phuckin with NG, but at the end of the day, she got the drug habbit from her mom’s liberal usage of it and what she saw growing up in her house. Phuckin’ sad yo…seriously.

  9. I predict NG is going to commit suicide…tragic, but the signs are there. And if not, since Gravy Train is gone, they’re going to find him OD’d in a hallway alone and broke like Sharon Stone in Casino.

  10. That’s not her yall. Don’t be so gullible. Those trashy tabloids will do anything to sell a paper.

  11. Please. Nick did her in BM sell out and murder BW for a few coins but yall trying to blame some white man GTFO she got played by a golddigging sociopathic bum scrub period. He was lying like hell on Dr. Phil stop caping for a trash ass bum!!

  12. I’ll tell y’all what. We gonna find out before this year over with. Believe that!

  13. hmmm hospital on iv you would be skin and bones,,this woman looks older and healthy,,look at that meat on her body this is not her,,even her grandma said she is skin and bones


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