Fabolous & Emily B Were Spotted at Coachella

fabolous emily b coachella

Despite the pending domestic violence case where Fabolous was accused of knocking Emily B’s two front teeth out and threatening to shoot her dad, the couple was spotted spending time together at Coachella.

The Shade Room received a video of them moving through the crowd, and other Coachella-goers reportedly confirmed seeing the couple together.




  1. Why do female call cops on their abusers and then forgive them wtf…doesnt she have to still testify

    • Why didn’t your mum just abort your worthless ass? You are a troll who comments so dark and negatively about everything. Dear Universe, please give this Harpy the strength to end her pathetic, depressing, miserable, life.

    • Why do bitch Niggas hit girls from jump? There’s no evidence to say she ever touched him. Why u all punks making up shit?

    • This chick is Not letting her meal ticket get away smh…..If he puts his hands on her again(which I’m sure if he already hasn’t since the televised incident, then he surely will soon), she deserves every knot, bump, and swollen lip he gives her. In fact, I believe this chick loves fabs punches!

  2. Because deep down she knew her trifling probably pushed him to the brink of insanity and he finally snapped.

    Women have the power of manipulation. They know what they be doing.

    Now fab looks like the bad guy for releasing his pent up anger on the sweet lil docile defenseless woman. Awwww

    She know she wrong. I can’t be myself since they censor u on this site.

    You’re still a nerdy dickhead so we ain’t cool fucknigga.

    • If you are not man enough to walk away and have to resort to violence for any reason, you need to be locked up, throwing away the key worx too.

      • I agree but we need to know the whole story before u jump to that conclusion.

        You women do like to hit and throw things.

        Destroying personal property that costs money. I can’t afford to buy a new tv everytime u feel like kickin that badboy in.

        • There is no whole story Dick.

          Keep YOUR MF hands to your MF SELF…PERIOD!

          That goes for men and women.

      • Man enough to walk aways…hmm why dont women woman up and try not to provoke dudes..its a give and take

      • Slapping an errant bitch is being a man. Every culture that understands will survive. American white culture was built on this, but when everyone wants to catch up, they say YOU have to do it bound by PC culture that they did not have to adhere to.

        • ^^^^ White American culture was built off putting white women in check but those white men were simps as well. Those southern crakkas worshipped white women (especially during slavery and jim crow) to a point where there white princesses lost respect for them and created feminism

  3. They both dumb as hell for going back to each other. Ain’t no way in hell I’d let a nigga beat me then go right back to him. Mf either gonna be pushing up daisies or trying to not drop the soap in jail.

    • ^^^^Violent men breed violent women…my brothas leave these strong independant “nigga cant tell me shit” women to these fatherless thugs and get yourself a cultured respectable sista

      • That eating pussy shit is nasty…like in Atlanta its so common to see these “carpet munchers” holding hands and acting happy in public but those women get their as beat at home by these butch dykes…

        One of girlfriend literally had to almost kill her abusive girlfriend because she thought she was sleeping with black men. smdh

      • Bitch stfu because u sound stupid majority of the time if a boy sees his father hit a woman he will grow up doing the same thing because he thinks it’s right.

    • What the fuck does that have to do with race? Spanish guys , white, Asian, black doesn’t matter. Some men are just assholes that like to beat on women

      • some are assholes but some are beating these women because these hoes dare put their hands on them first…

        men if a woman dares put her hands on you DEFEND yourself and then call the cops and say you beat that bitch down… 🙂

        • ..and women if a punk ass bitch nigga put his hands on you first wait til you catch that f ucker slipping and KICK HIS BALLS CLEAN BACK UP IN HIS STOMACH!..then beat his ass in the head til he cry. Betcha that be the end of that bullshit.

          • yup ur right any person deserves to get their head spilt if someone touches them…whether man or woman

  4. Why should a woman be above a ASS whooping when she deserves 1 if a child boy/girl can get a ASS whooping so can they. You see it in movies a woman hits a man but a man can’t hit back well damn that my x girlfriend use to like to hit me because it was fun to her so 1 day we were arguing an she was swinging next thing I dropped her with a right cross. Y’all want equal rights well I got a hook left.

  5. Um dun hontey chile..
    Ion wanna hear nuthing else
    Bout Ike n Tina…
    If she like it I love it?

  6. Aye also i dnt condone or appreciate or approve of domestic violence. I just read some of the comments above. But i didn’t put em together and i cant break em apart. They both sick.

  7. Guess they’re headed to marriage boot camp like Jim and Chrissy that what they want

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