Bow Wow Threatens to Commit Suicide

bow wow suicide

Bow Wow has been in his feelings again, and this time, he’s threatening to end his life by jumping off a balcony.

bow wow suicide tweet 3

bow wow suicide tweet 2

After his fans expressed their concern, he backtracked…

bow wow suicide tweet 1

With a new album called “Edicius,” which is “Suicide” spelled backwards, we’re not sure if Bow is serious or just trolling to sell records.


  1. Go do it then if you feel like taking your life and not giving a damn about your child be my guess dummy attentionseeking ass.

  2. “Edicius”…what kind of fuckery is this?

    Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, feeding into elitist BS.

      • T HATS exactly why nobody feels sorry for his ass. It was all good when he was riding high. Now the waves are crashing he wants sympathy? Nah nigga go to a therapist or some shit with all this inner “turmoil”. We don’t fuck with you Shad and haven’t for quite some time.

  3. Bow wow is really traumatize…demons from childhood is manifesting. All the abuse and neglect is slowing eating his soul. The sad part is that many people are just laughing at him…but guarantee you if he kills himself these coons will be like “white supremacy has again taken one of our own” smdh

  4. I used to clown on this dude but now I actually feels sorry for him. The life of luxury from the outside ain’t cut out to what it is when you get on the inside.

  5. Caan’t feel sorry for someone who knew what they did to him and stayed in the industry anyway.

    He made his bed, he can now lie in it.

  6. Illuminati Hand Signs !!! FOH !! ~ Speaking Backwards = Witchcraft !!! (Helter Skelter) – Bow Wow Is A Mk Ultra Puppet !!!

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              He really is sick in the head, but won’t truly acknowledge it so I highly doubt therapy would do any good.

  8. I didn’t at first because I thought he is a clown but I do feel sorry for him. He was a little boy when he got into that business. I’m sure he was abused all his life. His dumb ass mammy is the one to blame. Any parent that sends their child away to be with grown people alone is stupid as shit and don’t need to have a child

    • He is grown now and can walk away, but he won’t…so there is nothing to feel sorry for.

      • You sound like a victim and probably did not do shit about it like this Clown.

        No one needs to feel sorry for a grown man making Stupid Decisions as an Adult.

        • You do the same Punk…I already know who you and what you are, instead of ranting on a post get help.

          I do what I need to, what you need is therapy.

        • FYI why don’t Punk Bitches like you fight to the death for women who are abused?

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        • Aren’t there African forums that you can take your enlightened ass to where all your “expertise” can be appreciated. Ijs

      • So what he’s grown people still go thru shit and need help. Entertainment business is all he knows. Maybe he will leave but Damn find a heart Tinman af.

        • Do you go hard for ANY woman on these boards going through shit?

          If not STFU, because he has had his entire life to get help and get OUT of the industry…he has made the choice to stay, so now he is dealing with the consequences.

          • Actually I do bitch. I’m a woman myself. You think getting out is that easy! Well it’s not dumb ass go read a fucking book and stop judging people for shit you have no idea about

            • Bitch Please…show me what post you have done this on.

              You won’t because you are a Got damn lie!

              And the Dumb MF here is you for trying to make rationalize BS.

              • So quick to talk about reading a book, but not even paying attention to the fact the name of this nig ablum is suicide backwards…I swear common sense is not common.

                Just another stupid sucker.

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            • I thought NOT Trick…

              I don’t need an explanation from a dumb as a box of rocks liar.

              • Cont’d…

                You and your comments are shit and I am glad I called your Bitch Ass out.

  9. Im half and half on this.
    Bow Wow was a cocky disrespectful asshole when he was in his prime. He thought he was always going to be on top and have money, it’s why he was so nasty.All the bragging and boasting he did has caught up to him. Depression is nothing to laugh at. Suicide is nothing to play with. If he’s really suicidal he needs to seek professional help. Seeking the adoration of your fans will only do so much, especially when he hardly has any left at this point.

    Sidenote: it all went downhill once he did the album and reality show with Omarion. If you watched the show, you could tell they were lovers. I don’t know who told them it was a good idea but it ended up costing Bow Wow in the long run. All Bow Wow had to do was release a solo record during that time and he would’ve bounced back. Instead he caved in to his lovers desperate attempt to revitalize a career that was going nowhere and here we are.

  10. Why do we get an APB on his misery though? I’m sure he can get professional help. Most all of us need it with the shyt we have gone though.

    • Exactly, people want to act like this is some real shit when he is coming out with some BS record called suicide…fucking morons.

  11. I have never read news paper article or seen a story on the news that says “homeless” man takes his own life. What is it about money and fame that makes people want to die? It’s more rich ppl killing themselves than poor people.

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