Kim Zolciak: ‘Racism Wasn’t All That Real’

kim zolciak racism wasnt all that real

After getting DRAGGED by her Real Housewives of Atlanta costars, Kim Zolciak ran backstage to cry to Bravo exec Andy Cohen and her only ally, Sheree Whitfield.

In the footage, Kim can be seen crying and saying before social media came along, “racism wasn’t all that real.” Even her Uber driver/husband Kroy was looking at her like “WTF?!”

Sheree has since turned her Instagram comments off and Kim went ghost on her social media platforms. They’re lighting her up in the comments section though.


  1. She got exposed through her own mouth and tried to blame another housewife for not helping her and that housewife tried to blame the rest of the housewives while the male housewife stood in the bathroom listening. It wasn’t entertaining but it was interesting as a white supremacy lesson.

    • Agreed with one correction. She blamed a black housewife for not protectecting her against the other black housewives.

  2. I kind of agree with her. Todays racism isnt real…its been watered down to emotions…like if a white men doesnt find black women attractive hes raciss…if a white person doesnt want blacks at his or her resturant hes raciss…or worse if a white person wants to maintain his white heritage he is raciss smdh… that has nothing to do with racism

    True racism is about power and resources NOT feelings. Thats why white supremacy stays clowning modern blacks…they claim to be woke but are dumber than rocks

    • Everything you listed is racist except white men and women not finding blk men or women attractive.

      • If a white man wants to keep his heritage meaning family white how is that racist…isnt that natural…if a white man has opened up his OWN restaurant and doesnt want blacks in how is that racism…chinese do this all the time with their business…they just label it with chinese letters to deter other groups from coming in…

        Racism is when you take resources away to deprive during jim crow segragation or like preventing blacks from buying capital to start THEIR OWN business or flooding the urban schools with low quality teachers to staunt black education… thats racism

        • Dummy he said everything EXCEPT people wanting to be with their own IS RACIST…

          No sane person wants to be with some saltine.

          And ANY type of PREJUDICE by people in power IS RACISM. If you need to have the why explained to you, you should not be speaking on the topic.

          • The ONLY BLACK BITCH here is YOU.

            If you think I am reading that shit you must be as fucked up as your asshole.

            Don’t You have a Dick to Suck?

            • You keep your greasy ass on this site with us but you can’t stand us? Nah I believe you’re just mad af don’t NOBODY want yo ugly inside and out ass and you call yourself making us pay with your insults. Thing is no matter how much nastiness you spew nothing changes about you and your situation. We black women are gonna just keep on pushing without the likes of you…but we will get in that ass.

    • Of course you would agree with her and not one person on here is surprised

      • What we KNOW is You are a FAG who needs to come out of the closet and STFU on topics that don’t concern you….smfh.

      • Not the weave whales!! This!! I lol’d so loud. ??

        You’re a bit rough in the comments but this is true talk.

        I’m a natural sista sick of the weaves and the chicks of all races who refuse to sweat them out and stay fat/curvy by doing plastic surgery instead of exercising.


        • @anon 13:11…yup but us brothas got it bad because with other races they know they are overweight so they just live with it and know their place

          Sistas on the other hand think they are curvy or thick smdh…they actually demand better quality brothas than even the attractive sistas…

          Seen sistas who were 5’7 and nearly 200 pounds say “I need a light skin nigga who is fit and has his shit together who can handle a thick queen like me”…smdh sistas are unstable

      • Bitch you do hate bw. Anybody reading your bullshit anywhere can tell. You’re just telling about that one comment. How many others on Twitter have you made degrading us?..and don’t start lying eithier.

      • Definition of a coon

        For an African American to play the dated stereotype of a black fool for an audience, particularly including Caucasions.

        A black person who is ignorant to white discrimination and unknowingly suffers with self Hatrid.

        Yo ass suspect as HELL. I don’t know one black person that’s cool referring to themselves as this. ?

          • He still says he’s back just not American . He called himself a coon. .do you know of any of is that do that ? Do Africans? #troll

        • I love me I just don’t like you . You got the game all fucked up. I don’t wear any hair but my own but if bw that do hate themselves then every other race that wears wigs, extensions and weaves must too. Newsflash it’s not a black woman thing exclusively . Black women just get called out on it the most . Please don’t get me started on them struggle bundles yo cousins and shit be tryna pull off. It could hurt your feelings donkey. ???and stop crying like a lil botch when you get called an unsavory name. Did you really think we couldn’t go low as well? Run up get done up!

    • Sorry, but you can’t tell someone they can’t come into a restaurant due to their color. Guess you’re a dumb rock also

      • Bitch they may not let your monkey ass in, but I go where ever I choose.

        You must be a FAT Ass to constantly have Fat on the brain.

        • Bitch you are an AfriKKKant monkey, so stop trying to put yourself in our movement.

          • I wish I could pay a black woman to hit you off with some of that good good so you can shut yo stupid ass all the way the fuck up.

          • Both you stupid ducked are a an abomination. I can’t imagine a bw desperate enough to let you near her let alone sleep with her. You and Tommy can both kiss my ass.

          • STOP LYIN, the only puzzie you gettin in Atlanta is MAN PUZZIE and maybe BLACKMAN PUZZIE!!!!!

        • You were on this site for quite a while calling black women every foul name you could and everybody tried their best to just ignore your ignorance . Now after all that we speak up and now you try a call somebody out? Don’t even try it bitch.

        • Black-owned Restaurants
          Original Soul Vegetarian
          BJ Market – Buffet
          Good Foods Deli
          Harold’s Chicken
          J&J Fish
          Leon’s BBQ
          Chicago Chicken & Waffles
          Salaam Restaurant & Bakery

          and many more…haven’t included the Caribbean and AfRAkan restaurants either

          • None of those restaurants exclude other races, which was the point of this comment.

    • @Blackman – Racism is real. It is a product of Caucasian CRIMINAL Pathology that is propagated through WHITE HEGEMONY, not white supremacy. White supremacy doesn’t exist in nature. Caucasians imposed upon the autonomy of others through their systems that operate on the framework of CRIMINALITY that originates in their courts. Caucasian culture is CRIMINALITY that is homicidal/genocidal at its core. This is the root of every social problem on this planet. Racism is a distraction. Caucasians have given themselves CRIMINAL AUTHORITY and use security forces (i.e. law enforcement, military, espionage agencies) to maintain and sustain WHITE HEGEMONY. Criminality makes Caucasians WEALTHY. The profit and exploit the disadvantages of others—from problematic conditions THEY create. Observe what is in PLAIN SIGHT.

  3. Fuc* KKK and her trailer trash family!!! She came up off of sleeping with somebody else’s husband and the rest is history.

  4. Lol racist cave bisch…whats funny tho is for years she was suckin an fukkin an ARAB, lettin him give her c*mshots to the face and god knows what else them arabs be doing…all so this bitch could STUNT…..”thank you pappaaahh”…let us not forget she tried to hoe brielle out to that ‘nigguh’ john legend, remember? Or what about the tea that Kim trying to set brielle up with “PAPPAAHHH” also? This bitch selectively racist, when she need $$$ or access she cool with poc, but when she doing good this bitch HELLA RACIST & Kroy dumb ass too. U done, hoe. U gon need that arab/oil money real soon bitch once andy cancel ur ass…for good.

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      • You’re not fighting back.

        You’re just sayin the samethings like a retarded robot.

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        • You must have been raped by some dude.

          No woman wants a fat, rat, self-hating coon back slore.

        • Oh no WE are fighting your ignorance back bitch and you just don’t like it. Nobody gives a damm about your sad ass story you just WILL NOT come here and repeatedly disgusting things about us and not hear back.. This has gone on long enough . I suspect you seek our attention so HERE IT IS. Furthermore you sound like you got vagina envy and that’s why you getting called gay.

  6. Not Sasha huh? But all your other rantings didn’t exclude were talking about her too you just scared now just in case she’s black. Boot licking ass Lil bitch.

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    • You a lonely ass nigga too lol can’t say I don’t know why. I see you changed your tone in that other post too. Uh huh.

  8. Lord have mercy…Kroy face!!!
    Sheree needs to be mo careful.
    But Kroys a player with whom have worked side by side with black folks and his face is white folks flabbergasted.??
    Good job Andy!!

  9. Got that ass handed to her and handy andy shaded her white folks style. You can see it in Sheree’s eyes that she saying you done efed up now, girl bye, you on your own lol.

    Talking about African american women attacking her hmmmm. That in it’s self made her sound real suspect. You can tell what she really wanted to call them if that camera wasnt rolling and I dont believe Sheree would have batted an eyelash.

    She has clearly forgotten where she lives and has to go back to…

    That’s Mr Cohen for ya, build em up to tear them down just like he did Nee Nee and Teresa smh.

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