Eniko Hart’s Attempt To Rewrite History Gets Cold Shoulder From Torrei

Earlier this month, a disagreement between Kevin Hart’s current wife Eniko and his former wife Torrei played out on social media, after Eniko denied being Kevin’s mistress and accused Torrei of playing the victim in the break-up of her marriage. Well, the consequences are still being felt!

Below are some notable things Torrei revealed to In Touch about Eniko in a recent interview with the publication.:

We’ve just been moving forward, getting the blended family in a good place and co-parenting. This just takes us a step back. I feel like if you’re going to respond to something like social media comments, let’s just be honest and truthful. And that’s that.

Right now, me and Eniko are not speaking, but me and Kevin, we’re still speaking.


  1. Fuck that bitch and the midget side peaces dont like to hear the truth thats why she is getting the same treatment now

  2. Both of them pressed and retarded. Who gives a duck about Kevin Hart. N.A.S I thought you knew that bixches

  3. Ex and new wife, past decisions and now new thoughts. When will it end and begin. From what I read, ex helped him write his comedy because she has talent too.

  4. Enicko or whoever she is… WAS the side chick while Torrei was home with the kids!!! Now you mad because Torrei can calculate and add ….and it all points to YOU literally being he side h#e that EVERYBODY knows that you were?!?! Bih, bye!!! Karma is a mutha!!! You next to be cheated on skank

    • He already cheated on her pregnant behind and she’s nit going to say or do anything…
      He’s going to keep doing it, with his short man complex

  5. Again, why do we attack the other woman as if the man has no responsibility for his own actions? I think a females mentality in which she takes great pride in breaking up a home is flawed. There is a such thing as karma. Also, remember, how you get him is how you lose him.

  6. Lol…Now you got your INCH HIGH PRIVATE EYE…drop his little load and keep it pushing!!!
    Don’t get mad at Torrie because she don’t give a FUCK about lil man tate and she put you on blast!
    Enicko…sorry if I fucked up your name, but just stay in your lane and invest in flats so you won’t stand so tall over Kevin and help your cousin find a rich man like you did…Just make certain he’s not in a relationship…OKAY…Those DAMN Kardashian’s did the same to your cousin as to what you did with Kevin…GIVING UP DA %$##@ TO GET A MAN WITH $$$$$$$$

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