Blac Chyna is Not Dating the Pretty Prisoner Jeremy Meeks…

People are talking about Blac Chyna and “the ladies favorite felon” Jeremy Meeks possibly being involved with one another… this following a snapchat of the two posted with no description to the IG models account.

Here’s the drop:

On Wednesday night, Chyna shared a picture on Snapchat. of the two posing with their arms around one another, both showing off their tattoos. Chyna donned a skintight lace-up orange dress, while Meeks kept it casual in a camouflage-print shirt and ripped jeans. Meechie was no where to be seen! ?

Truth is these two were both cast for the same project…

Meeks, became a model after his mugshot went viral in 2014, has made headlines this summer due to his relationship with Topshop heiress Chloe Green. Meeks was photographed kissing Green on a luxury yacht just off the coast of Turkey in July, though he was still married to his wife, Melissa, at the time. Shortly after the pictures surfaced, Meeks filed for separation from Melissa, after eight years of marriage.


  1. That felon is playing that dumb heiress. Marry her then clean her out as much as he can. Maybe get her preggos, play doting dad, and then move on with a monthly check.

    • Of course he is, but no one wants to talk about these so-called MEN who play women for their dough like this trick and percy w/ that old hag he is screwing.

  2. People can’t take a picture together, without speculating their dating.. GOOH

  3. that just goes to show looks really do matter in this world. This guy is good looking but not like damn I need to bail him out of jail like some stupid goes did. As for chyna, Some people just don’t need to ever get plastic surgery and she’s one of them. She looks like the bride of chucky like I thought she was an alright looking girl but now she’s gotten so many fillers and crap. She’s so ugly to me now smh.

  4. She’s not rich enough for him. Kudos to him for putting a price tag on his dick.

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