Kenya Moore Lays Out a Threat to Her Haters

kenya moore threat haters marriage

Kenya Moore’s not here for anyone who doubts she’s legally married to her man, Marc Daly.

In an Instagram post, the Real Housewife star says she’s tired of all the gossip and rumors about her marriage, and she’s ready to fight back!

But….have we even seen a copy of that marriage license yet???


  1. Kenya Moore, the dark skinned, slightly younger version of Stacey Dash. This bitch still thinks she cute. NO! This is not the 90’s, this chick is the dumbest black beauty pageant winner ever. Just ignore her!

  2. This bitch said boldface lie? Apparently Kenya Moore failed English class. I told you she was just as stupid as Stacey Dash.

  3. Kenya Moore is nothing but another Hollywood pass around chick. What does her acting portfolio consist of? Her roles are mediocre, yet all the niggas in Hollywood, and niggas in general know her name. She’s a pass around bragging about, and defending shit that most can see is a fraudulent.

  4. This trick is always screaming she is going to sue someone. She needs to sue herself. She is the one who started lying about her relationships because she was never in one. People didn’t just make this stuff up, she set the ground work.

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