Mike Epps Shades Kevin Hart’s Hurricane Harvey Challenge

mike epps kevin hart hurricane harvey

Mike Epps took to his Instagram to give props to Houston rapper Trae tha Truth for his efforts in trying to save flood victims after Hurricane Harvey struck. But one person who didn’t receive a pat on the back from Mike was fellow comedian Kevin Hart.

As soon as the hurricane hit, Kevin launched a campaign through the Red Cross to raise money for flood victims. He also called out other celebs, like Chris Brown, The Rock, Beyonce, Steve Harvey, and Justin Timberlake and challenged them to make donations in his “Hurricane Harvey Relief Challenge.”

Mike felt some kind of way about Kevin’s challenge and didn’t mind taking shots at him through an Instagram post.


Mike has a point though, don’t you think?


We thought these two were cool now, but guess not!


  1. Neither one of them funny. Regular ppl made these mfs rich. They need to get off their a$$e$, go to Houston and help.

    The majority of these organizations pocket the money. Maybe 1% actually go to the needy.

  2. I am all for helping but aren’t our tax dollars for this purpose! Don’t we have things in place for natural and man made disasters and I am not talking about war! There’s always money for war but none for the ___________(fill in the blanks).

  3. Pardon me, I should have said don’t THEY have things in place. WE are powerless. Those who run the show decide how OUR money is spent.

    • WRONG! WE are NOT powerless…those fuckers would not BE in office w/o US!

      What people need to do is get off their asses and start holding these fuckers accountable or mobilize and put people in to take these money grubbers places.


  4. Not giving a rusty penny. I will donate some blood, at least I know that will go to good use.

  5. Family please don’t donate to white organizations. I really care about helping our brothers and sistas in Hoston, get your ass down there to help personally. The Red Cross is a bigger scam than Joel Osteen!

    • Thank you my father been dead since 1979 and he wouldn’t give a dime to the Red Cross back in the days.. He gave his donations to St. Jude because they really help children and their families.. The Red Cross executives made more money than he did and he was an engineer and poured concrete on the side.. Made more doing his concert work that at the chemical plant.. He said never give them a penny.. I have never gave them shit and that broom, mop and nasty box lunch they give people in need is disgusting.. Find out who’s holding fund raising and look at their tax status for no profit..

    • Oh I forgot to say I use to watch Joel Osteen on Sunday miring on lifetime, he was okay to watch, not all that yelling, but I always thought something was off about his delivery, but I watch it my ex and I. Well he was in some show and the man asked him about something in the Bible, he couldn’t answer him at all. My old butt is not a bible thumper but I knew the answer.. Lost all respect for him.. He don’t know the Bible at all, he only knows what he’s preaching.. Not one of these preachers ever received a dime of my money, I rather give it to someone I know in need.. I leave cash in people mail boxes that I heard is having a bad financial crisis.. These preachers living like RockStars, but these Rockstars earn their money from state to state singing and playing, or from town to town earning their money.. These preachers having personal jets and etc, and folks in their church house can’t pay their bills.. God gave us all five senses, some have an extra one, but he meant for us to use them.. I’m not paying no $250.00 to hear them speak on nothing, I rather go see Elton John in concert..
      The only way I’ll spend that is if my parents were preaching, because they dead and if they were here in earth, I would get in free.. These preachers have lost their minds.. NO I DONT GO TO NO ONE CHURCH, GID AND I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM.. IF THERE IS A PROBLEM, ITS ME.. I PRAISE HIM EVERYDAY AND READ SEVERAL DEVOTIONS EVERY DAY., BUT I TALK TO HIM JUST LIKE I WOULD TALK TO YOU.. he already know the truth anyway, so why try and hide anything, you can’t hide nothing from the only Man that knows all and sees all.. He’s the only seeing eyes I believe in.. My Satan and all his beautiful angels can go straight back to hell, where God put him.. God got me and I’m not worried about anything.. I know I’m not looking for anything, I have everything I need in God.. If we don’t start praying more and together, it’s going to be one flood to another.. God is very angry with this world and I’m just praying to stay on that narrow road that lead home..

      • GOD and I, this us the only site that don’t let you correct a mistake..

    • Damn NBA The Red Cross is a white organization? Are you saying that they do not help the black people in need?

      • Red Cross did little for Katrina and Haiti. I tried working with my local RC for a missionary at my church who flew back and forth MULTIPLE TIMES to Haiti after the quake hit- she refused to partner with them claiming they never helped and hoard the money for secret government purposes. She went herself and gave sanitary items, pallets of food and water. Red Cross is basically a mafia wash house.

  6. He’s just outing these celebrities that always have a cause for stupid things. Here’s a chance for them to put out. I don’t like Kevin but this is a good thing. I hope the money goes to the people affected.

  7. He’s kinda right. Donate goods and supplies instead. Offer up things people need. Volunteer.

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