Mike Epps & Kevin Hart Squash Their Beef

mike epps kevin hart

Do you remember when Mike Epps called Kevin Hart “overrated”? Well, it looks like the two comedians have officially squashed their beef!

In a video posted to Mike’s IG, the two express their love for each other and call themselves “comedian brothers.”

Peep their reconciliation in action.

Nothing but love @kevinhart4real

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Next up: You think Katt Williams and Kevin will kiss and make up?


  1. ME trying to get put on since KH is helping out all the other has beens with jobs!

  2. Neither one of these coons are funny. I would rather watch old Richard Pryor and Red Foxx videos than sit through a minstrel show featuring these two sambos.

  3. Patrice O’Neal had more talent in his fat stomach than both of these two cross dressing coons.

    • Patrice O’Neal COONED all the way the fuck out in that Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. The way he dragged black women at an event that had nothing to do with black woman was nothing short of *face palm*

      • You’re right. Soon after that event Patrice O’Neal was found dead. Now Amy Schumer steals all of his jokes. Makes you wonder.

  4. Man wtf seems like the only real man real enough to speak the truth and stand alone in the process long with keeping his manhood is katt same one whom they claim to be crazy! mike what a loser after you were just calling this king of the coon ass niqqa out now your backtracking. Mike must really need check bad that burnt chicken nugget mustve black balled and pulled strings to break mike you down bow down or bend over as they like it so you dont tell jokes in this town.

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