Irv Gotti & Nelly Were Smashing Ashanti at the Same Time

irv gotti ashanti

Irv Gotti gave an interview with Funk Flex to talk about the good ol’ Murder Inc Days.

Gotti finally confirmed that he and Ashanti had “a relationship,” but he has no interest in getting back together with her.

When asked why Nelly had beef with him in the past, Gotti said it was because they were both smashing Ashanti at the same time!

Peep the interview:


    • These niggas are far from gentleman… In fact “gentleman” and these niggas should never be put in the same sentence together.

  1. Again, he didn’t need to say it or imply it. We got enough YT people who put down BW. We don’t need a BM or BW to cosign anything negative against us publicly as a people.

    • Huh?? Get out of here!!! Color don’t mean we disregard bad actions. You gotta be kidding me. ?

  2. I hope Ashanti learned her lesson. Both Irv & Nelly are garbage. But for Ashanti to do this, she’s not cool either. Hopefully, she has changed. 🙁

  3. All these women in the industry are some hoes. If you’re not willing to get down, and get ran through, you’re not going to get far in this industry. Love Ashanti, but the truth is the truth.

  4. Damn shame he’s putting her out there like that. What’s even worse is if they smashed right after the other? Disgusting.

    • Ashanti was fucking Irv and ja knowing they was married and she wonder why Nelly wouldn’t marry her

  5. Nelly is a porn freak and bisexual we saw that Pic with him all on puffys ass and Irv is a freak too and kinda bisexual supahead said he loved asking g her about how big other dudes dicks was I’m like sounds gay to me

  6. Man shanti a hoe and thats old news every body and they momma knew irv was hitting and never stop despite her seeing nelly.

  7. Irv needs to go somewhere and sit his HAS BEEN ASS down. If Ashanti was a hoe what does that make him? He was married with children and should of had his ass home with Deb…not smashing his artist. I guess this is the only way he can get publicity these days. SMDH

  8. so let me get this right, she was fucking Irv, Nelly & according to superhead, she was fucking JaRule as well…ok

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