Comedian Aries Spears Drags Beyonce: ‘She’ll Never Be On MJ’s Level’

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Comedian Aries Spears gave a radio interview and went IN on Beyonce.

When asked which artist will replace Michael Jackson, the radio interviewer asked him if Bey was the heir to the throne.

Aries said the only people who listen to Bey are women and gay men while MJ was popular with men, “grown thugs,” and women on an international level.

Peep the interview starting at the 3:50 mark.

Do you agree?


  1. She will never be but I didn’t know she was trying. It’s futile for anyone to even go there.

    • Chris Brown and Ciara are the only 2 contenders for MJ level

      LaPorsha Renae and Fantasia are on Aretha level

      • Chris is the only one with the dance talent to some close to MJ but other than that none of the people you mentioned will ever be on an MJ or Aretha level

  2. Tell this CRAB we can have and enjoy more than one superstar at any given time. Beyonce does NOT have to replace or approach MJ’s level of success to be considered a success. Question is will anyone remember who Aries Spears in 10 minutes from now.

  3. Aries Spears; he kissed a man in the mouth, wore a dress and wore blackface and hollywood still won’t fuck with him! Now that’s fucking pathetic!

  4. Aries is a comedy genius and he has been for close to 20 years.

    However, his opinion in this area is irrelevant.

    • I disagree! There are only two things Aries Spears can do; voices and duck Zo Williams elbow blows.

  5. Micheal was a giver of his money and time to poor kids and people.. I’ve never heard Beyoncé give away money to much of shit.. Micheal is one of a kind, he is still the King of Pop, but everything comes at a cost to a person.. Beyoncé is good in her own right, but she won’t be able to dance like Tina Turner did until she retired.. They both have surpass their wildest, Michael us RIP, he is through with the troubles of the world.. Let’s see Bey N Jay give some of those millions away, I might look at them differently.. To much is given, much is expected, there’s nothing charitable in them at all.

  6. The question was… “who replaced MJ?” This Beyhive member was so busy going hard, getting excited and stanning for Bey that she missed his initial question and his entire valid point. So much so, that at the end of that conversation…her ass was silent. Honey, We all know Bey has her own lane…which is awesome, however, that was not his question. This was a great example of what makes the Hive so damn annoying.

  7. Didn’t this two-bit dude get his ass served to him by some other nobody comedian?

    He really should STFU on any subject from here on out before he gets knocked the fuck out! Again…lol.

  8. maaaan fuck this, I ride with MJ.. This Nigga had grown niggaz crying, how many Niggaz crying at a Beyonce concert.. She makes music for Gay Niggaz n shiiit. Only reason why Beyonce is even hyped cause the music industry is full of trashy ass people, no longer is the music industry as competitive as it was back in the days, all the legends are dead.. you don’t have the Aretha’s, Dianna Rosses, Gladis Knights, Prince, James Brown, I mean all the best around the same time… they don’t exist!!! HE HAD GROWN NIGGAZ CRYING N SHIIT, BEYONCE MAKES MUSIC FOR GAY NIGGAZ!!!

    • Excellent point you forgot Marvin Gaye.. What’s going on and Mercy, Mercy me I can’t pay my bills, Distant Lover and my old brains can’t get the rest out.. My grandkids listen to all my music and they have Michael Jackson dance down pat.. They don’t care for her songs at all and the only sing on my playlist from her is Halo..

    • IKR Black and White men crying like a baby and screaming like they were losing their minds.. Heck my husband stood in line for 3 1/2 hours to get that History double CD at the music center.. I was so angry, my don and I left and went ate, he said I’m not going anywhere until I get my CD.. 6’5″ 250 lbs and hair down to his waist, to look at him, one would never think he would wait that long for a new release from anyone,…lol
      Michael is one of a kind and I don’t see anyone surpassing him and he was very humble..

  9. We knew why mike had all those little boys crying tranny ass looking albino drag queen loved grabbing his Rick on stage letting all the boys know they can get it yeah you been hit by a smooth criminal.indeed yehe jemone

  10. We love you Michael with your downliw homosexual white boy baby raping ass greatest of all time diehard fans still think mj wasn’t a pedofreak too many hints in our face

    Yes mike dated women Stephanie mills, Tatum O’Neal, Whitney, Brooke shields, Marcia beady, Madonna, ola rae but they said he never fucked them

    Madonna fucked everybody even prince purple passion fruity ass she would have told it by now she fuckef everybody else and that dog

    • How is it possible to fukk prince i just figured all those women he with were just straight up beards i just see prince being into tuna fish like that.

  11. Aries one of my fav comedians liked the interview and no aries told no lies ! off subject im starting to question rather bey was really born female in that pic she like a straight up me actually shes been looking very manish since the no no no destinys child days if she fully male or half and half she even has a very odd shape to me.

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