T.I. Brings Baby Heiress to a Party Full of Groupies!

ti heiress harris

TI went to an NBA Finals party, and we guess he couldn’t find a babysitter for baby Heiress.

In the video, you can see TI with Heiress in one hand and a drink in the other. The party is full of his crew and a bunch of groupies!

Peep the video:



  1. When someone can’t stand being alone and watching the game alone while they have their infant to care for.

  2. That looked like a party of family and close friends. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  3. I did not see not a neah groupie. That party look like my family get togethers, with about 30 kids that seem like 3000 with all the screaming and runining back in forth to the back yard. Y’all pushed it on this one. That look like aunts, wife’s, Mamas and maybe main girlfriends, but I can’t spot no groupie

  4. Oh my bad I see the two girls y’all talking about. For them to have made it into that family function could mean they the little cousins that think they crown or the little cousin homegirls. But groupie? Noooo not buying. My little bad cousins will through something like that on easily. Them ain’t the same kind of stripper thots that TI be around

  5. No…I don’t believe Tip is that stupid. No matter what’s going on with his marriage, which is one thing, but I really believe he loves his children and uses his best parental judgement when it comes to them.

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