Tiger Woods Checks Into Rehab

tiger woods rehab

After getting arrested for DUI, Tiger Woods has reportedly checked into rehab.

According to sources, the golfer is at Jupiter Medical Center, a 28-day program in Florida.

He’s reportedly seeking help to treat his “pain killer addiction.”

This is his second time in rehab and hopefully his last.


  1. Lawyer recommended so the court will cut him some slack and it doesn’t always work on either account.

    • Not really. It’s more to do with the ex-wife may have threatened him that he would lose custody if he doesn’t shape up. He’s been using drugs for his back issues. That’s one way people become addicted with prescription opioids and whatever else he was on. Getting on the rehab train will help him on his court date. I just hope he does it for a considerable time to be credible in front of the judge.

  2. Half nigga looks crazy as hell. Well hopefully he’ll make an effort to change…

  3. White people are trying to murder Tiger Woods and he doesn’t realize it! He still assumes white people are still his friends. When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me and Tiger Woods has made an ass out of himself!

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    • This episode reminded me of Lamar at the ranch. I remember other golfers wondering if Tiger would sill be a juggernaut if he got married and got kids. What did they do? They set him up using his weaknesses. Blonde, pretty, and yes, uneducated nanny. Next thing you know his golf game is gone, his back is gone, his life is gone. And now he is of no use to them. He can’t sponsor, his back is brittle, he can’t swing, he is addicted to painkillers. He’s done.

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        None of the bitches he has been with have been pretty. They have all been some type of creature feature.

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          • Thank you for being fair.

            To say that his wife was never pretty just makes the speaker look like an idiot.

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              • Cave dweller? Lol. I live in a house on Jupiter Island about a quarter of a mile from Tiger’s.

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    • This man is color blind. Look at Eddie Murphy married an exotic blended lady and dumped her too. The fault lies in the color blind fool who will never be satisfied with anything. With all his money he still hasn’t found the perfect white woman. This is why he should have never married. He would have won his 30th major by now. FailedKingofGolf.

  5. White people still are and always have been Tiger’s biggest fans. Whoever thinks that whites want to see him fail and fall off doesn’t know shit about Caucasian Americans.

    Tiger is to white sports fans what MJ is to black sports fans. The undisputed GOAT. And we still want only the best for him, even if that means never picking up another club.

    He single- handedly revived the stuffy old game of golf and made it “hot” for the first time. If there was ever a black man who had a lifetime “white card” it is Tiger.

    • wasn’t he about to beat the white guy record when all these things start happening.

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