WTF!?! Steve Harvey Clowns Citizens Of Flint Michigan ?

According to multiple listeners of the Steve Harvey morning show, the radio personal went too far when he begin to joke about the Flint Michigan water crisis.

You see, Harvey is a Cleveland Cavalier fan and he wasn’t too happy with his team losing so when a caller called in and bashed LeBron James, Steve went to joking on the caller about Flint, a crisis which happens to affect disproportionate amount Black Americans. ?


  1. Boycott Steve Harvey! Don’t listen to his radio show, do not watch his tv shows. Black celebrities can not exist without us!

  2. I DON’T CARE WHAT JOKES HE MAKES BUT POISON WATER AND CHILDREN WHO WILL BE BRAIN DAMAGED FOR LIFE SHOULD BE AND MUST BE OFF THE TABLE FOR LAUGHS! I’d be scared to make light of the situation especially having children. Karma is a mutha.

    • You are so right, that’s really petty as sad.. I never liked him at all, there’s nothing funny about him.. He was jealous Cedric and Bernie.. Why hasn’t some big time Black law firm taken their case???? It’s sad and I hate sending my money not knowing if the people I’m sending it to, is getting the money.. The Red Cross can kiss my big behind, they are BS..

        • It’s suppose to be Black people, but you know black people cheat each other and think nothing of you.. Thank goodness we have a man that sits high and looks low, he sees everything…He he know the number of hairs n your head, he know they are worse than the white man.. I just keep praying Jesus have all of this, just remember to lean in him fir everything..To much is given, much is expected..

    • remember when obama pretended to drink some of the water and encouraged everyone to keep drinking it?

      • That flew over a lot of black people’s heads. Unfortunately too many of us worship Obama despite the fact that he did nothing to help the people in Flint Michigan.

  3. Damn Capricorns are taking L’s left and right this year. I too also support a boycott of Steve Harveys bullshit, unfunny radio show, and “comedic” material. Hit him where it hurts.

  4. Looks like all that money fucked his head up all that money and buying college pussy

  5. Steve is always putting his foot in his big, wide mouth. Steve knows his skeletons are coming out the closet.

  6. Um Capricorn is not taking Ls who da fuck told u that bullshit we winning with the rest. Fuck Steve anyway he been a coon Anytime you don’t give a damn bout no slavery which cha black ass. Is just lost as fuck i been done with Steve Harvey.foh

  7. black people priorities are all fucked up , if you all so damn concern about flint do something about it . Steve aint had a damn thing to with the water in flint . Want to boycott something go boycott those korean weave stores

  8. Oh he done lost his damn mind for sure! Let me make a phone call on his some minded dumb ass!!!

  9. For a BM to joke about poison water that disproportionately affects his people he ought to be ashamed and ask for forgiveness. It’s despicable!

    • As punishment, Steve Harvey should drink the poison water from Flint Michigan!

  10. If you are just as pissed off as I am, the solution is simple; BOYCOTT STEVE HARVEY! If your favorite radio station continues to broadcast Steve Harvey’s Radio show, boycott them too. In Los Angeles, Steve Harvey’s radio show is carried by KJLH 102.3. If we have to boycott Stevie Wonder’s business, then that is what we should do.

  11. Between Steve Harvey, Stephen A Smith and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, kissing the racist white man’s ass is a serious problem among the black bourgeoisie.

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