Kenya Moore Just Got Hitched in Saint Lucia

Kenya Moore is a married woman…. According to, who did a little digging and came back with gold. Read her piece below:

I’ve noticed that Kenya has been on a lovely island posting romantic photos with her man for over a week. I have known about the man Kenya has been dating for around 8 months, and that it was becoming increasingly serious. I have known that she wanted to keep things very private and that she would not be sharing the relationship on the show. I know that he is age appropriate with adult children and that all of the drama playing out on TV was disturbing to her man and the family.

So when she started posting photos from St. Lucia where it
was evident that she was there with her man I assumed that
she was just there doing what she usually does, going off on
a Caribbean vacation before the laborious filming of RHOA

As it turns out it was much more than that. Tamara Tattles
can exclusively report that Kenya Moore has married her
boyfriend in Saint Lucia!!!


  1. She got a new crib and a new husband. Hopefully he isn’t a gold digger. Anyway, I wouldn’t want my new husband on that show! Might be time for an early retirement. So Miss Tamara can now be famous or hated or both. Her blog reflects personality sometimes that is distasteful to some.

  2. I don’t believe one word of this lie…fake boyfriend, fake engagement and fake millionaire..
    That’s a little too quickly to be getting married..

    • I’m with u on this 1 don’t believe it not 1 bit that shidd look like it from that bull shidd movie she called herself producing with Aunt Viv( Janet Hubert) who she gyp out of $ lmao we all kno Kenya need a damn story line bad with her boring azz

    • lmao it not like she got $ she taking those few crumbs Bravo is throwing her way which is not much

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