WTF?!? Blogger Details Watching Rapper T.I’s Underage Son Messiah Perform Sex Acts

There are some disturbing details surfacing regarding a blogger who says she has watched (but won’t publish) a video of rapper T.I’s son Messiah. The video is of a sexual nature.

Allegedly, someone on Tumblr is pushing a video of Messiah “playing with himself”, and one urban blogger thought it would be a good idea to pursue it… Needless to say, one might be best warned to avoid child porn at all costs.

Here’s what’s out there:

“I won’t be able to show the video due to Messiah being 17-years-old but I can confirm that the video is him. The clip is about nine seconds and Messiah is completely naked from the chest down.”

HSK is telling you, so you can AVOID!


  1. This is disgusting. Even if he’s 20, he was underaged when this happened and is considered porn. What’s wrong with TI. There is another post he took his minor child to a strip club. He should get a visit from CPS.

  2. A lot if dad’s take their sibs to strip clubs and some dad’s even psy hoojers to take their sons virginity

  3. Is this what this world is coming to???? This is sad and parents needs to be parents not friends with their kids.. This crap would have never ever in my days.. You would have gotten the fatal shit beat out of you.. Thank you RIP mother and daddy, I only caught two whippings in my life.. If they said stand there and don’t say a word, that’s what you did..

    • CC you’re not missing anything, you did the same thing.. They didn’t have but Kodak camera and you know you would have got your butt whipped.. All boys do it, but only a dumb fool record themselves doing it..,IJS

  4. Prayers for him to have a healthy sexuality and sex life, and not turn into to damn pervert. Sadly, there are already too many pervs on this planet.

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