Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Calls Out Eniko for Being His Mistress

kevin hart torrei eniko mistress
When Eniko posted an anniversary dedication to Kevin Hart and claimed they had been together for 8 years, one of her followers called her out for being his mistress.

Eniko tried to explain she never stepped in between Kevin’s marriage with his ex-wife, Torrei, and that’s when Torrei had to step in and set the record straight!

Click the arrows to see the full convo:

eniko kevin hart torrei mistress


  1. Mistress turned wife trying to rewrite history like Gabriel Union & Alicia Keys smdh

  2. Can’t believe any of these heffas is sweatin over this lil no talent bastard! Let alone let him screw them! 😛

  3. Eniko should just keep quiet and be thankful to God that her whoring ways worked out for her.
    I hope she knows that her former position as mistress is now open!

    • Exactly, now that she moved up from side chick to wife, that left an opening. Also, she should be ashamed to admit that she was one of many of his mistresses. She was determined to wait it out until the end. Shameful. Women would rather be a man’s whore than go out and get their own.

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