Blac Chyna Mother Arrested on Assault Charges…

Ain’t Karma a B*tch…

According to arrest records… Blac Chyna’s mother, Shalana Jones-Hunter aka Tokyo Toni, is facing assault charges in Maryland.

The surfaced documents name Tokyo as a defendant who is facing second degree assault charges for an incident that took place in Accokeek, MD on August 16th, 2017 … Just 3 days after the internet lit TF up over her dragging of a young cancer survivor who had been critical of her daughter.

Toni, was released on bail and ordered to stay away from the yet-to-be-identified victim’s person, home and work locations, or be in violation of her bond.


Her next court day is scheduled for August 23rd.


It was only days ago Toni was targeting her rage towards HSK, see below:


  1. At this rate, Kris nem will get custody of Dream. Sad thing is, at least for a while, she may be better cared for w/them. Black Chyna & her mom should be/have been sterilized.

  2. I wonder if China was a surrogate only.
    Mama is vulgar right here. smh Like Katt would say “you mad at breakfast, you bangin on bacon!”

  3. Why is hsk running a story about this ratchet excuse of somebodys mother.. opposed to reporting about the death of Dick Gregory.. Some body that was really talking about some real sh**..seems like hsk fell off with reporting real stories.. And just resorted to hanging on tmz di** for stories now.. This site is garbage now.. Just like all the other bloggs..

  4. Where is your Dick Gregory post he is out of DC and has more for Blacks then a black kardashian jenner chyna

  5. I hope HSK does report on Dick Gregory, but tell the truth on him as well. Looks like he did a lot of good back in the day, but in recent years, it got to the point where I couldn’t listen to him. At times he would snap at ppl & jump down ppl’s throat if they questioned him. I didn’t believe all that ish he was saying & some of the ppl he let interview him I question. Crotchity old man. No disrespect but it was his time to go.

  6. I guess hsk is folliwing the TPTB agenda now.. Dick Gregory passed away two days ago… Tmz did a story when jerry lewis passed.. DG was one of a kind.. And dropped knowledge for us to think about.. Crazy or not.. He woke alot of people up during his time here on earth.. Made people think about whats going on today!! He desevers a few words… But i guess gay-z.. And kanye aka..loonie tunes fake ass feud is worth our time and attention… Smh.. We dont have any one any more speaking out like our elders use to… These young people need that… Now all we got is Trump tellin us how it is… (Like DG said.. “Its over) #DisappointedHSK

  7. Black women are reallllly messy

    If it wasn’t for yall’s outrageous asses yall would be taking up precious oxygen that could be used for……a cancer patient.

    Old burnt out thot!

  8. She is hideously ugly. She appears to have an eight grade education. She looks like she smells bad.

    Tokyo Toni you are less than a boil on the cancer victim’s butt.

    Get off the sherm and read a book you hag.

  9. And she pretends not to care but believe me she does thats why it keeps posting garbage yeah it cause she sure doesn’t look human at all more like a gorilla

  10. Damn that bitch is ugly and she knows it too thats why she gets so pissed go suck a monkeys dick you nasty looking skank

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