Blac Chyna’s Mother Drags Cancer Survivor!

Blac Chyna’s mother, Shalana Hunter aka Tokyo Toni, just dragged a cancer patient over the girl having an opinion about Blac Chyna.

In response, Tokyo clowned the girl for being bald headed and mentioned how the girl almost died from cancer. The woman told Chyna that she made Chanel look cheap & it was on.

See below:

Tokyo has responded to the criticism with the message below:


  1. I just don’t want to read her rants anymore because they are so anger profanity filled.

  2. You have to be a special kind of degenerate, and a demon to drag a cancer survivor…. Her and Black Chyna need to just fall off the face of the earth.

  3. Ugly ass bitch she’s evil and karma is gonna fuck her up and her muppet, deformed having ass daughter. Rob’s biggest mistake ever was blac chyna!

  4. So just because this woman has cancer she can pop off and expect immunity because of her condition? FOH. Toyota Truck is a ranting, hot ghetto mess hood rat but one thing about her…anyone can get it, lol.

    • They left out the part about how her own Mother died of cancer.

      Also, she said far worse to her than what was posted above.

      I don’t play around like that, but doesn’t mean others won’t go there. She probably should’ve kept her opinion to herself.

      If I have cancer. Rallying for Chanel wouldn’t be a concern of mine.

  5. If I were Tokyo Toni I wouldn’t be calling other women ugly. That is one ugly ass bitch.

    I mean 3 bagger ugly.

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