Flava Flav Hasn’t Received Royalties in Years … Files Lawsuit Against Chuck D & G-Wiz!

Flava Flav filed a lawsuit against Chuck D, producer Gary G-Wiz and several Public Enemy managers claiming he was paid any royalties from Public Enemy for years, despite co-writing more than 50 songs for the legendary group. Flav is specifically accusing them of attempting to “minimize his role” in business matters while “continuing to rely upon [Flav’s] fame and persona to market the brand.”

He is also claims they are using his image and vocals for the latest Public Enemy album and an action figure without his input or sign-off.

Flav is seeking unspecified damages.


  1. Get your money, your kids deserve to know you were a big part if one of the most political rap group in our world.. one of the best.. Get your money and make sure to set up trust funds for your children.. Don’t allow anyone to cheat you, my son is in his 30’s and know all y’all music..

  2. I agree?!! Flav , even with his sad azz deserves his fair share and cut!!! His input was heavy and he contributed in more ways than one… If this is true in ANY capacity… Im hanging my head at Chuck D… Would have never thought….

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